Arena Users & Demands: Commercial and Residential Properties – Empower the users to enhance appropriate quality requirements

Changes influence individuals & companies renting an apartment or lease a commercial space: e.g. in-house expertise working with operations-specific facility planning are missing today & the responsibility for the development of the housing market has shifted from socio-politically driven programs to depend increasingly on individual developers & residents. The objective of this P&D project is to raise the quality of building construction & management by empowering the client/user to make clear demands on the quality of residential & commercial property. This requires knowledge about reasonable demands, both in terms of technical qualities & in terms of non-measurable or experiential qualities, in order to distinguish between specified-, delivered-, & perceived quality. Necessary aspects for the industry to deliver right products for right price. The overall purpose is to provide deeper understanding of factors critical to creating value for tenants: how users of commercial & residential properties make their demands & desires known & formulate them clearly enough to ensure that the standards targeted by the project create value for them? (Methods identifying needs & addressing demands: empowering the users); how have the users desires & expectations been satisfied? (Measuring/verifying/evaluating qualities) & how can users make demands when the market is not adapted for it? (For example, when the users lack the ability to identify & formulate their demands.)

Partner organizations

  • SWECO (Private, Sweden)
  • Linköping University (Academic, Sweden)
  • IQ Samhällsbyggnad AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014

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