Analysis Tool for calculating the environmental impact and efficiency of transport systems

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2013

How to measure and evaluate environmental impact.

There is a great need to analyze the environmental impact and efficiency of goods transport systems. In this project, a tool will be developed to analyze different transport system scenarios. The goal is that this tool will be used to actually improve the environmental performance of transport systems.

The tool should be flexible to suit different situations and type of transport and include calculations of:
1) transport system efficiency, flexibility and productivity, expressed as total logistics cost;
2) environmental impact and other externalities, expressed as external costs.
It should be noted that this tool should handle all modes of transport and a large number of evaluation parameters are to be included in addition to emission of CO2.

An important objective of the project is to provide data regarding transport efficiency and environmental impact of different scenarios.


The research is carried out by the research centre Northern LEAD.
Northern LEAD

Organisations involved
​Northern LEAD, CPM (Center for Environmental Assessment of Product and Material Systems), IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute), Volvo, SCA, ABB and Akzo Nobel
Project leader
​​Erik Fridell, IVL

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