AkuLite WP2

Start date 01/05/2010
End date The project is closed: 01/05/2013

​Building multi-storey wooden apartments has become more popular in recent years. These buildings provide many advantages regarding environment, industrialization and cost.  However problems regarding sound and vibration disturbances in these buildings have remained unsolved. Low frequency impact noise caused by footsteps on wooden floors is a main source of annoyance for the residents despite fulfilling the requirements in building codes.

AkuLite is a research project involving Swedish building industry and acoustic research groups which aims to develop sound and vibration criteria which are consistent with people's perception in lightweight buildings. This project consists of 7 work-packages investigating different aspects of low-frequency noise disturbances in these buildings. One of the main outcomes of the project which is covered in work-package 2 is discovering correlation of transmitted impact noise with impact source characteristics and dynamic behavior of lightweight floors.


The project is carried out at the Division of Applied Acoustics.

Keywords: Wooden buildings, Lightweight floors, low-frequency footstep noise

Project members

Project leader 
Klas Hagberg

Project members  
Nata Amiryarahmadi (SP)
Krister Larsson (SP)
Wolfgang Kropp (Chalmers)

Krister Larsson
External partners at the project
​​SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut/ SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Sp Trätek
Lunds Tekniska Högskolan (LTH) / Lund University (LTH)
Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU) / Luleå University of Technology (LTU)
Chalmers Areas of Advance
​Built Environment
Swedish building industry

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