Aerogel-based coating mortars for renovation of plastered buildings

Many masonry and plastered buildings have low energy performance, and often problems with leakage of moisture leading to damage. Old buildings now face major renovation. For historic or listed buildings, new solutions are needed. Systems with aerogel-based coating mortars can replace the insulation, thereby reduce the thickness of the structure and maintaining character defining elements. Energy savings of up to 48 kWh/m2 are possible but practical experiences are missing in Sweden. In this project, we do final evaluations and describe how the system should be used in Swedish climate. In a previous project, we initiated the very first field trials in Sweden. These unique results will be documented and evaluated and complemented with calculations and tailor-made pilot tests in the laboratory for more generalized application. A reference group with broad, well-established members support by identifying current issues for aerogel-based coating mortars as new energy efficiency solution.

Start date 01/11/2022
End date 31/12/2023

Page manager Published: Wed 14 Dec 2022.