Advancing carbon dioxide valorization towards alcohols using bioelectrochemical synthesis

Our project contributes to the development of an entirely renewable energy system by developing a new concept for bioelectrochemical synthesis (BES) of ethanol from CO2. BES utilize microorganisms and is a radically new concept for producing renewable fuels of high importance to the Swedish energy sector. The concept meets the demands more energy and carbon-efficient solutions for sustainable use of biomass when moving towards a fossil free society. The aim of the project is to understand and improve electron transfer of CO2 assimilating bacteria. We will use Raman spectroscopy to study biofilm formation and redox balances of the bacteria. Stable and efficient biofilms is a major challenge that decreases the efficiency of BES systems. 3D printed biofilms that integrate the bacteria at the electrode will be developed to allow more efficient electron transfer and serve as a tool to optimize BES systems. Together, this will be a fundament to more efficient BES of CO2 to ethanol schemes.

Start date 01/01/2021
End date 31/12/2025

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