AI Driven Mobility

Purpose and goal: AI Driven Mobility highlights the great potential Artificiell Intelligens (AI) enables for a future mobility system. To success, new collaborations AI experts and mobility experts is essential - something the project has created a foundation for.
AI Driven Mobility has gathered actors from different parts of society to jointly identify challenges and opportunities, build new knowledge and together create new concrete project and mobility solutions with the help of AI. Expected results and effects: AI Driven Mobility has actively facilitated new partnerships, established knowledge sharing, shared ongoing initiatives and developed a methodology for idea generation. Much of the work has been carried out in identified focus areas where demand-driven pre-studies leading to future project where AI is an enabler for sustainable mobility both in the short and long term have been developed. At the same time, the project shows the need to build knowledge and experience in the area in order to continue to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between AI and mobility experts. Approach and implementation: The project has been based on active participation from all parties, a needs-driven approach, cross-competence, new collaborations and connection to existing resources for synergies. In the first phase of the project, focus areas were identified. Most of the idea creation was then performed in each focus group separately. Project ideas was identified and prioritized, leading to pre-studies to establish larger applied projects and applications for a next phase.

Partner organizations

  • The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) (Research Institute, Sweden)
  • ÅF Digital Solutions (Private, Sweden)
  • Lindholmen science park AB (Private, Sweden)
  • University of Borås (Academic, Sweden)
Start date 31/10/2020
End date The project is closed: 31/01/2022

Page manager Published: Thu 05 May 2022.