A sustainable and profitable Swedish seafood sector: Increased yield and value from limited marine resources (MareValue)

Objective and GoalThe project MareValue aims to increase yield and value of marine resources used by the Swedish seafood sector by identifying and isolating high-value components from unwanted catches of fisheries and from processing cut offs.Result and Expected EffectsMareValue will lead to increased knowledge about the flows of marine resources available, that are currently underutilised. The project will demonstrate different ways for the seafood industry to improve utilisation and value of these flows by making use of the combinations of raw materials and techniques that in the project have been shown to have the largest potential. The systems perspective will ensure that knowledge about the environmental sustainability of the different solutions is available.Approach and ImplementationMareValue will start by mapping current flows and utilisation of marine resources, both in fishery and in fish processing to then go on and identify possibilities to extract valuable components. Experiments will be performed using different types of raw materials and techniques in order to identofy and isolate such components and our industry partners will participate both as suppliers of raw materials, in the identification of promising solutions and later in finding applications for identified components. A systems perspective will be applied in the work.

Partner organizations

  • Fiskberedning Paul Mattsson (Private, Sweden)
  • Skillinge Fisk-Impex (Private, Sweden)
  • Rena Hav Sverige (Private, Sweden)
  • SIK – the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (Public, Sweden)
  • Bröderna Hanssons i Göteborg (Private, Sweden)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (Academic, Sweden)
  • SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB (Research Institute, Sweden)
Start date 15/10/2014
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2017

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