3iii Initiating and implementing innovation for sustainable building. The construction client as change agent

Start date 01/09/2009
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2014
​This Formas BIC project aims at increasing knowledge about and support processes to assist clients in driving innovation strategies. A central concern is the relationship between temporary development projects and processes within the client organisation. More specifically, the objectives are:
1. to test and further develop a prototype client guideline for managing demonstration projects,
2. to improve the general understanding of the role of demonstration projects in relation to continuous and long-term innovation strategies of clients, as a basis for  tools to develop innovation, implementation and diffusion strategies specifically adapted to various types of client organizations,
3. to develop models for collaborative research where the industry partners (clients) have a more active role in driving collaboration (i.e. organisation of meetings and workshops) as well as in performing research activities together with the researchers.
In-kind budget
​Lokalförvaltningen, Fortifikationsverket, Älvstranden Utveckling AB, Byggherrarna (2,4 M SEK)
External partners
​Byggherrarna (Implementeringsansvarig Christer Wannheden)
Lokalförvaltningen (genom Stefan Ziegler)
Fortifikationsverket (genom Hans Bergenståhl)
Älvstranden Utveckling AB (genom Staffan Bolminger)
Construction client, sustainable building, innovation, development, demonstration project
​Formas-BIC (2,9 M SEK)
​Paula Femenías, Chalmers Architecture, 0046(0)31 772 24 58, femenias@chalmers.se

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