Increased Availability of Environmental Data on Technical Processes

Start date 01/01/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2010
The purpose of this project is to increase the availability of environmental data on technical processes by structuring, documenting, and publishing existing data in the CPM LCA Database. The scope of data includes process data sets generated within research at the research division Environmental Systems Analysis (ESA) from 1991 to present. There are many different assessment methodologies which quantifies the physical exchange of energy and substances between technosphere and nature, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprint, etc, and they all require environmental data on technical processes. This project will use the knowledge regarding quality criteria, data formatting, and focus on long term usefulness of data. Specific goals are to:
* inventory all process data sets published in reports, papers, etc. at ESA;
* define quality criteria on for the structuring and re-documentation of the data; * structure, document, and quality review process data in the CPM LCA
* publish the data online to be downloadable through the CPM LCA Database web browser user interface;
* establish a process at ESA for continuous  documentation and publishing of new data sets.
Project leader
​Johan Tivander
All project members
Johan Tivander,
Filippa Fuhrman, 
Katarzyna Iwanek,
Anne-Marie Tillman.
Centre the project is linked to
Swedish Life Cycle Center (CPM)​
Vetenskapsrådet, SEK 810000​

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