Plasmafysikfonden 2020

Support for international Chalmers Symposia and internationally established researchers guest stays at Chalmers, in the field of plasma physics.
Statues: "benefit the scientific development of the plasma field of physics and its applications, for example by organizing international symposia at Chalmers."
The fund is announced throughout the year and receive applications running.
The applicant must be a permanent employee with an academic post at Chalmers.
Maximum one application per person per year.
Amount applied to be between 50 thousand and 150 thousand SEK. A larger amount can be applied, for example, to organize an international conference, if the plasma Fund relevant Chalmers researchers stands behind the application.
The application must be a contain a personal letter with a brief description and justification for the purpose of the application.
Your department and research group
Amount applied and cost
Applications are made electronically through the link below:
new link will be announced on March 25, 2020

The fund is open for applications till June 30th 2020.

Page manager Published: Fri 17 Jan 2020.