Gerhard Hobohms minnesfond

Scholarships for master thesis work within the "Ernströmgruppen" sphere of interest, but preference for those who write within the field of building materials.
The scholarship amounts to 25 000 SEK.

Students are welcome to contact Ernströmgruppen to write their thesis in cooperation with companies within the group. There is no requirement for this to get the scholarship.
Read more about the fund and the proposed works on:
Ernströmgruppen was Gerhard Hobohms family company.
Learn more about Ernströmgruppens companys on their website:
Students can apply for the scholarship through the link below:
new link will be announced on February 1st, 2020.

The application must include a brief description of your thesis.
When the thesis is approved by your examiner, you must send in the thesis to the fund.
Deadline for application is 1 May, 2020.

Contact the Department of Building Technology, the Civil and Environmental Engineering for more information.
Angela Sasic Kalagasidis

Lillemor Kündig at the Foundation office
031 - 772 25 69

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