K G Hallbys fond

​Students at Chalmers that study at least one of the areas Electric machine technology or Power electronics,
can apply for a scholarship to conduct a studt visit or field trip that connects to these areas. 
The trip must take place after the announcement of the fund.
Application from : March 15 - May 15, 2020.
 To your application you must attach a personal letter that includes:
• Motivation why you should be awarded the scholarship
• How the trip brings in-depth knowledge of the subjects
• A time- and travel plan
• Amount applied for (SEK) and detailed budget  
• What program you are studying and the term/semester
• Bank and account details (including name of bank, routing- and account number)
For more information contact:
Lillemor Kündig
The Foundation Office
Vera Sandberg allé 12
412 96 Göteborg
031-772 25 69
To apply go to the link below which will redirect you ta an application page which is in both swedish and english text(below). Press the application button, "Ansök" in swedish, at the bottom right of that page.
new link will be announced in March 15, 2020

Then you can fill in your personal data and attatch your personal application letter.

Page manager Published: Fri 17 Jan 2020.