Hjalmar Granholms minnesfond

The fund is aimed at researchers and graduate students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (formerly Civil Engineering)in Professor in Granholms areas:
concrete, steel and timber construction, building construction, structural.
Application period January 21 to March 1, 2020.

The application must be a personal letter attached that contains:
• Reason why you should be awarded the scholarship
• Justification how the scholarship promotes research in these areas
• What are your practical intends how to use the scholarship
• Your department and research group
• When applying for travel or conference contribution shall aim of the conference and the name be indicated, as well as itinerary and schedule
• Amount applied and costs
Note that grants are not awarded for subsistence (salary and food).
One can not apply for a scholarship for a conference that took place before the funds announcement date.
Apply by clicking on the link below:
Questions may be addressed to:
Lillemor Kündig at Foundation Registry
Address: Vera Sandberg avenue 12
To read more about the fund, please click on the link below:

Page manager Published: Tue 21 Jan 2020.