KG Eliassons tilläggsfond

​The yield from the fund is to be used to promote work within electrical engineering in the form of grants for the purchase and installation of equipment, publication activities, educational visits, inspirational lectures etc. 
The fund also supports research and development in areas of technology that are of significance to medical diagnostics and therapy or operating areas classified as medical technology.
Application period: January 20th - March 15th, 2023
Further Information
The grants are available for researchers within Chalmers.
Your application should be accompanied by a personal letter containing the following:
• Motivation as to why you should be awarded the scholarship
• Description of how the trip benefits your research
• A time- and travel plan
• Amount applied for (SEK) and a detailed budget 
• Your department, division and research group 
Travel allowance (traktamente) is not granted.
NOTE: An application to K.G. Eliassons tilläggsfond is also valid for S.o.K.G. Eliassons minnesfond so you only need to apply for one of the two.

Apply here:
For more information contact:

Birgitta Rorsman
031-772 27 33 

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