Chalmersska forskningsfonden

The Fund is one of the foremost funds at Chalmers and was established in 1929 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the University. The purpose of the Fund is to promote research at the University to the benefit of science and industry.
Grants are mainly offered to young researchers, study trips for PhD students as well as international research and conference trips. A small part may be allocated to senior researchers.
The Research Fund statutes state:
"The purpose of the Research Fund is to expand the potential for research at the Institute to the benefit of science and industry".
 The available yield from the Fund may be used for a variety of purposes, including:
-     acquisition of instruments and materials necessary for research work and which cannot be considered necessary for normal teaching; (...)
-     grants to cover the cost of publishing the results of research conducted at the Institute
-     support for teachers at the Institute or engineers who graduate from the Institute to make study trips that can be deemed necessary to complete certain research work.  
Application period: September 15 - october 22, 2021

Your application must be accompanied by a personal letter stating/including:
• The purpose of the grant
• A travel plan and timetable
• The amount applied for and a cost calculation
The application must be signed by the supervisor and head of department.
You can either attatch this letter or send it with Chalmers internal post.
For further information, please contact:
Birgitta Rorsman
0046 (0)31 - 772 27 33
Information deriving from questions received from applicants in the past:
•The applicant should present his/her work at the conference
•An oral presentation is ranked higher than a poster presentation
•First-year PhD students are awarded grants less often
•A maximum of one application per applicant can be approved
•Make separate applications if there is more than one travel destination (contact the administration office for further information)
•No subsistence allowance (for salary and food) is paid
•Separate the food costs from the conference fees (food costs should not be included)
•It is not possible to apply for a grant for a conference that has taken place before the Fund's announcement date, 19th of August 2019.
•There are no standard amounts (in the form of fixed grants for conferences in Sweden, Europe or the rest of the world)
•If a grant is awarded, it only covers the actual costs incurred
•The applicant must be employed at Chalmers University of Technology
For more information about earlier distribution of the Fund as well as the Fund's history (only in Swedish):

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