Foundation Award 2016 presented to the first MOOCs Group

​This year’s Foundation Award goes to the group of Chalmers employees who initiated, formulated and implemented the first MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) project and the first course, which dealt with graphene. This project is a true collaborative venture in which educational development and a strong sense of commitment, combined with first-rate technical support, have come together in an exemplary fashion to achieve a common objective. A completely new field for Chalmers was made possible thanks to this pioneering group and their solid and persistent work.


Several individuals from Chalmers were part of the project group that was set up to map and implement MOOCs at Chalmers and to run the first course (Graphene). We would like to draw attention to a number of these individuals for their significant contribution to the project.

Helena Danielsson, OSS, one of the first to take the step towards establishing MOOCs. She is highly knowledgeable with regard to current trends, target groups and brands and she recognised at an early stage the potential of MOOCs.

Jonas Gilbert, Deputy Library Director, for his knowledge in relation to interactivity and how IT can be used in communication between the university and different target groups. He is the project leader and has contact with Edx, the platform for MOOCs.

Christian Stöhr and Tom Adawi, ITIT/EER, educationalists who are highly conversant with the potential of IT to enhance student learning. They have contributed with their experience in distance teaching and its pedagogical foundation.

Hugo Landgren and Magnus Axelsson, ICT educationalists and specialists at the library and the technicians behind the recordings. They contributed with their experience of the technical aspects of creating online courses and arranging and running the courses on a distance basis.

Märta Sjöblom, librarian and the coordinator for both the recordings and the communication, with her experience of library online.

Carolina Eek Jaworski, information officer, for her important contribution to raising the profile of the project and reaching out with the project to potential users.

Jie Sun, associate professor at MC2, a committed and enthusiastic teacher and the person who ran the first MOOCs course in Graphene.

Unfortunately, when you mention certain individuals, all the others who contributed to the project are missed out, which is regrettable but inevitable. Many more individuals have contributed to bringing the MOOCs project to fruition through their considerable inspiration and know-how.
Collaboration outside day-to-day roles and normal areas of expertise was vital to the creation and implementation of MOOCs. An important aspect of the project has been to highlight the development of the role of the teacher as a key element in future learning. Pedagogical development and technical support took place in close collaboration with the course teacher, Jie Sun, and has been highly successful. Chalmers is currently planning its eighth MOOCs course. Chalmers was an early adopter in the use of IT in campus teaching, among other things within the framework of what is known as Blended Learning. MOOCs represents yet another step in the development of teaching and in making Chalmers accessible to students and the community.

The 2016 Foundation Award is presented to the Chalmers Foundation strategic initiative Massive Open Online Courses, in which the Chalmers Foundation has invested 12.5 million kronor for 2014-2016. This year’s award goes to a group who have worked solidly in pursuit of new ways of teaching that could prove crucial to attracting future students and marketing Chalmers to new target groups. Normally, the award is presented to one person, but it became clear early on that it would be impossible to choose just one individual as it was very much a team effort that helped make the project a reality. Academic merits are still largely based on individual performances whilst success in industry and society increasingly requires successful teamwork. The Chalmers Foundation has opted to highlight what has been a true team effort. The members of the MOOCs group named above are together awarded the prize of 125,000 kronor – 13,900 kronor each to be used for a Chalmers activity of their choice.


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