Foundation Award

2016 the first MOOCs project group
This year’s Foundation Award goes to the group of Chalmers employees who initiated, formulated and implemented the first MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) project and the first course, which dealt with graphene. This project is a true collaborative venture in which educational development and a strong sense of commitment, combined with first-rate technical support, have come together in an exemplary fashion to achieve a common objective. A completely new field for Chalmers was made possible thanks to this pioneering group and their solid and persistent work. The group consisted of: Helena Danielsson, Jonas Gilbert, Christian Stöhr, Tom Adawi, Hugo Landgren, Magnus Axelsson, Märta Sjöblom, Carolina Eek Jaworski and Jie Sun
2015 Simon Zhongxia He
This year's Foundation Award goes to Dr Simon Zhongxia He, who has developed new technology at MC2 for the wireless transmission of large volumes of data via radio waves, something that was previously not possible. With the aid of the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship he has established a successful company – Wyberry Technology – entirely in line with the Chalmers vision of utilisation and entrepreneurship linked to Chalmers theories and concepts. He graduated from Chalmers in 2014 with a PhD in microwave electronics.
2014 Lie Wei
Foundation Award 2014 goes to Avancez scholar Li Wei (MSc in Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering, 2013) for his excellent study results and in recognition of his ambassadorial role. He has succeeded in drawing attention to the Chalmers master's programmes internationally to attract top-flight students from all over the world to Chalmers.
2013 award winner
Foto: Oscar Mattsson
Foto: Oscar Mattsson
The Foundation Award 2013 is given to Jari Kinaret at the department of Applied physics.
The price is given to him for his extraordinary work with the pilot project Graphene-Coordinated-Action.  Jari Kinaret has, as the coordinator for the project, managed to lead the project to collect over hundred European research groups from 17 different countries so that the European Commission chose Graphene as one of Europe’s first 10-year, 1,0​00 million euro FET flagships (Future and Emerging Technology Flagships).
What is the Foundation Award?
An important task of the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation is to stimulate the development of the University's activities. For a number of years the Foundation has contributed to quality and renewal through funding within selected areas. The Foundation Award was established to highlight in particular the crucial importance of Chalmers employees to the success of the University and to focus on examples that act as a source of inspiration. The Award is presented to one person each year and was presented for the first time in 2006.
The Foundation Award is presented annually to a Chalmers employee for a recent and commendable achievement that has noticeably promoted the development of the University. When choosing the recipient for 2013, the Award Committee wanted to highlight in particular an achievement that had contributed to quality-enhancing internationalisation. Internationalisation at Chalmers is aimed at cross-border collaboration, increasing the quality of the work at the University and promoting development from a collective, sustainability perspective.
The Award comprises a personal payment of SEK 25,000 and an activity grant of SEK 100,000.
Previous winners
The award winner in 2006 was Olle Rutgersson for his efforts in strengthening shipping and marine technology within a short period of time. In 2007, the Award went to Lennart Lundgren for his work in making the High School Centre at Chalmers a reality. The Award in 2008 was presented to Christian Azar for his extensive collaboration with various community agencies with the aim of increasing knowledge and insight into the climate threat. The Award in 2009 went to Ulla Edvardsson for development in her role as webmaster. In 2010, the Award was presented to Lennart Vamling in recognition of his highly commendable leadership as head of department. The winner in 2011 was Jan-Olov Yxell for his outstanding contribution as a photographer. In 2012, the award went to Marie Arehag in recognition of her persistent and purposeful contribution to reinforcing the perspective-enriching elements and pedagogical quality of programmes at Chalmers.
Award Committee
The Award Committee has been appointed by the board of the Chalmers Foundation and consists of members of the Foundation board, CING, the Faculty and the Student Union
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