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As of 2021, Skira has successfully deployed Sweden’s first independent digital grain trading platform, pushing thousands of companies to do more sustainable trading with digital tools. By giving all farmers payment security and grain quality assurance, they strive to improve not only efficiency and sustainability, but also security and risk management possibilities. 

When you describe it like that, it sounds amazing. But how do you start something like that? And what do you do when your idea fails? 

On a strategical level, Joel Glemne, CTO and Co-founder of Skira will talk about the phrase “sell with pride and develop without pride” and what it has meant to him and their journey. On a more concrete level, he will map the journey of “How they (a) built a good solution for the wrong problem, (b) threw it away, (c) built a decent solution to the right problem, and (d) why they now will start to build amazing solutions.”

With experience from major tech companies such as Google and Spotify, together with a broad academic background within applied physics, machine learning and economics, Joel has founded the company Skira with a vision of an optimal and sustainable trade of food.”

When the Morning Boost is done, Joel hope you will understand The Skira Way for "How to enable sustainable and optimal trade of food".

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Tuesday April 13
​08.00-09.00 am

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