Course selection for autumn semester 2022, study periods 3 and 4

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Timeline for the course selection for the spring semester

  • 8 November, late afternoon – The course selection for study period 3 and 4 opens at
  • 22 November – Last day to select courses.
  • 29 November – Notification of selection results 1 with reply requirement.
  • 2 December – Last day to reply.
  • 6 December – Notification of selection results 2.
  • 9 January 2023 – The course selection opens for late applications.
  • 20 January 2023 – Last day for late applications.
  • 13 March 13 2023 – Possibility to add/adjust courses for study period 4.
  • 24 March 2023 – Last day to add/adjust courses for study period 4.

Compulsory registration – You must register for each course, each semester, and each study period. Registration opens Monday three weeks before the course instance starts and closes the second Tuesday in the course instance.

Should I make a course selection?

If you have compulsory elective or elective courses in your programme overview for the study period/-s in question, you need to make a course selection. If this applies to you, you will receive course selection information from your programme around the time the course selection opens.

You should not select compulsory courses in your programme overview; you only have to register for them in Ladok for students during the period for registration. Students in programmes that only have compulsory courses in the programme overview in study period/-s should not make a course selection.

Information on this page does not apply to incoming exchange students. Incoming exchange students should contact their CIM coordinator for questions about course selection.

Find course and programme syllabi

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After the course selection

Course selection for spring (study periods 3-4), notification of results with reply requirement

The course selection closes at 23.59 on the last day of the course selection period. Then a selection is made among all applicants. You will receive a notification of selection results with the course(-s) you have been offered, with a reply requirement. You must reply according to the deadline in the timeline above to keep the seats you've been offered, or to remain on the reserve/waiting list. After you have replied you will receive the final notification of selection results.

Selection for courses with limited seats

The selection is based on prioritizing between different selection groups. In short, the following rules apply:

  • Master’s programme students have priority to courses within their own study programme over master’s programme students from other programmes.
  • Master’s programme students have priority over exchange students.
  • The lowest priority is given to students that make a late application.

Reserve / waiting list

A student who is not offered a seat is placed on a reserve list. The ranking in the reserve list is based on which selection group you belong to. If a seat becomes available, the first student is offered the seat. If the student declines, the offer goes to the next student on the list, and so on.

Register on courses

Remember to register in Ladok no later than the last day of registration.

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How do I make the course selection?

You do the course selection at (or for corresponding webpage in Swedish). Please make sure that you have the correct email address registered at, otherwise you might not receive the notification of results.

How many courses should I select?

In course selections for study period 1 or 2 you can select a maximum of eight courses. In the course selection for study periods 3-4 you can select a maximum of nine courses. You are recommended to select at least one reserve course for each course that is seat limited. You do not have to select a reserve course for courses that are seat unlimited.

How should I prioritize my selected courses?

The courses you prefer should always be placed at the top of your list. Below them you place reserve courses if you have selected courses with limited seats.

You will be admitted to a maximum number of credits, corresponding to your programme overview. In the system, any lower priority courses are deleted automatically when the maximum admission limit is reached. It is therefore important that the courses you prefer to take are at the top of your list.

The course selection system does not know in which study period a course runs, so if you are selecting courses with limited seats in both study periods in the course selection for study periods 3-4 it is important to understand that even if you prioritize your courses according to the recommendations, situations can occur when you are admitted to a combination of courses that does not work. In that case you need to adjust your course selection by adding courses in the late application period and withdrawing from any course/-s that you will not take.

There is a more detailed description on how to prioritize your courses in our FAQ. See the question “How should I prioritize my courses at” under Selecting and prioritizing courses.

What do I do if I miss the deadline for the course selection, or want to adjust it after it has closed?

If you miss the deadline for the course selection, you may still apply for courses during the late application period. Courses that are closed for applicants, for instance seat limited courses that were filled after the course selection period, will not be available during this period. Late applications are given the lowest priority and you will be placed at the back of reserve lists if a course is full. If you adjust your course selection during this period, your new selection will also have the lowest priority. Late applications are also made at

Notification of selection results for late applications are sent out continuously, but earliest 3-4 working days after your application.

Information for students paying tuition fee

The tuition fee covers 30 credits per semester, and you are responsible for not signing up for more credits per semester. For any deviations from this, please read the regulations below. You can switch a course to another course within three weeks from the start of the course without paying a new tuition fee. After that time, you must pay the tuition fee for new course. Chalmers will check the number of registered course credits and issue an invoice for the number of credits that exceed the allowed maximum that is covered by the fee. Therefore, check your registrations regularly so that you are not registered on courses you do not intend to take. If you cancel a course later than three weeks after the course start, it still counts as registered credits.

If you have questions

Please have a look at our FAQ.

If you have any questions about courses related to your programme, please contact the director of studies for your programme.

Contact the student guidance canceller or the director of studies for your programme if you belong to a previous year of admission, are studying out of pace with your programme or have and individual study plan.

If you are having technical problems when doing your course selection, please let us know by using our contact form.

Contact persons per programme.

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