Inventive problem solving

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Imagine all knowledge obtained during the years of studies as Lego-pieces… How to combine all these Lego-bricks into a solid bridge between real-life engineering problem and its solution? In general, this is not obvious.

That is exactly what is in the focus of this course: learn the systematic approach to solving problems in engineering and beyond.

General information

The course introduces to the systematic approach to solving problems in engineering and beyond following the spirit of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, or TRIZ. The course combines lectures and extensive problem-solving exercises in the class and students by themselves. The following techniques and tools will be covered: 

  •   ARIZ (“Algorithm”),
  •   Ideal Solution concept,
  •   Substance-Field Analysis (“SuField”),
  •   (40) Inventive principles,
  •   Techniques to avoid psychological inertia,

and more.


General requirements to study at advanced level at Chalmers are usually sufficient.

The course is open to all eligible students.

How to apply

Send a short motivation letter to Alexey Pavolotsky alexey.pavolotsky–at—


Teacher (s): Alexey Pavolotsky

Course dates: Study period 3, 2024

Credits: 7.5

Level: Advanced

Application deadline: Closed for applications