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During your time at Chalmers you make several course selections, giving you the opportunity to shape your education.

The prerequisites of your course selection are stated in your Programme overview. Please note that you are required to select a given number of courses within a group of courses labelled “Compulsory elective courses”.

Important note!

The information on this page does not apply to incoming exchange students. Incoming exchange students should contact their CIM coordinator for questions about course selection.

Upcoming course selections

Course selection in Chalmers’ study programmes takes place three times a year. The information that is relevant at this point in time is linked below – there you will find all you need to know in order to make your course selections.

  • Course selection study periods 3-4, spring 2023 – course selection is open 8-22 November 2022
  • Course selection study period 1, autumn 2023 – course selection is open 2-16 May 2023
  • Course selection study period 2, autumn 2023 – course selection is open 12-19 September 2023

When should I make a course selection?

If you have compulsory elective/elective courses in the study period in question, you need to make a course selection. If this applies to you, you will receive course selection information from your programme around the time the course selection opens. Students in programmes that only have compulsory courses in the curriculum in study period 1 should not make a course selection.

On the Study Portal you can find your Programme overview.

Please note that:

  • If your Programme overview states that you only have compulsory courses in the upcoming study period, you should not make a course selection.
  • If you have been newly admitted to a master’s programme, you should normally not make a course selection for study period 1, first semester.
  • You should not select compulsory courses in your study programme; you only have to register for them in Ladok for students during the period for registration.

Things to keep in mind when selecting courses

  • In the Programme overview, you see which courses are included in your programme and which courses are required for your degree. You are responsible for selecting courses that contribute to meeting the degree requisites for your programme.
  • In the Course syllabus you can see the prerequisites for the course. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the prerequisites and have the right prior knowledge.
  • In the Course syllabus you can also see if the course has a maximum number of participants. Always select reserve course/-s if you select a course/courses with a maximum number of participants.

You should plan your courses according to the block schedule​

Tracks courses

In addition to the courses offered by the educational programmes, you can also choose to take cross-disciplinary and thematic Tracks courses. Within Tracks, students will meet and learn to collaborate across programme boundaries and take on relevant challenges with a basis in real-world problems together. Students with different skills can for example, address systemic challenges in areas such as healthcare, energy or look at ethical issues regarding technology. For Tracks, a brand new learning environment was established in 2022 with fantastic resources such as workshops with modern technology, studios for film and virtual reality, and computer resources for machine learning.

Questions about the course selection

Answers to many common questions can be found in our FAQ.

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