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Studenter som sitter i klassrum

You need to register for each course, each study period, for the whole semester. The registration opens Monday three weeks before the course instance starts and closes the second Tuesday in the course instance.

Mandatory registration on courses

From 1 January 2023, a compulsory final strict cut-off day for course registration for students at access, first and second cycle levels was introduced.

This means:

  • You are responsible to register for your course, through Ladok for students, during the registration period no later than the Tuesday of the second week of the course.
  • You will lose your place on the course if you do not register on time.
  • You are responsible for taking contact well in advance before the course´s last registration day, if you need help.
    You can see the exact registration time for each course in Ladok for students

Course selection or register for a course?

In some cases, you need to make a course selection 

To be able to register to elective- or compulsory elective courses you need to make a course selection for these courses the coming study period/-s. You will find more information regarding this on the course selection pages.

You should not make a course selection:

• If you are going to study compulsory courses in your programme. You will automatically be admitted to these in Ladok. Do not forget that you need register for these courses yourself.

• If the course has been replaced with a new course code. Then you must contact your Student Guidance Counsellor.

New student

If you are admitted to a freestanding course, please follow the instructions at New student at Chalmers.

Register for a course

Register for a freestanding course according to the instructions here.

Register for a course

When the study period/semester begins you need to register for your courses. Use the service on Ladok for students to register when the registration period is open. When you are registered for your courses, you will get access to the course homepages/Canvas and can sign-up for the exams. You can see all in the film Introduction of Ladok for students.

Please note that on some courses you have to register more than once! This applies to courses that run over two semesters, for example where the course runs in both study period 2 and 3, which means that they have two study periods and thus two registration periods.

Introduction in Ladok for students

This is an introduction to Ladok for students, for instance: how to register on a course, see your new result or change...

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Register for a course – flow chart

Re-register for a course

To re-register for a course, you have not yet completed, use the services on Ladok for students. Choose “My education" and "Change to another course instance.” The same rules apply to both re-registration and registration. You are responsible to re-register for your course during the registration period no later than the Tuesday of the second week of the course. You will lose your place on the course if you do not register on time. If the course has changed its code, please contact your student guidance counsellor.

Tuition fee-paying students are re-registered for their courses by the Tuition Fees Office.

Discontinue a course

Before changing your study situation, we recommend that you contact your programme’s student guidance counsellor for guidance. On the following page you can, among other things, find information on how to discontinue a course.

Changing your study situation

Tuition fee-paying students will have to contact Tuition Fees Office if they want to discontinue a course.

I don't have a Chalmers account/cid - how can I register/re-register for a course?

If you have a Swedish personal identity number but can’t log in and register/re-register in Ladok for students using your cid and Chalmers password, you can use eduID (with a verified personal identity number) or your account (provided your registration is active).

Create your eduId

Register for Master’s Thesis

Thesis application forms

To be able to start the process of being registered for your Master’s thesis, you must fill out a form and have it signed by the examiner and the Director of the master programme. You will find it here.