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Living in Kjellmansgatan

As you'll soon come to live in Sweden for your exciting master study lives, you may want to start picking up some handy vocabularies. Here're some Swedish words used in the blog post. ​​

  • Kyrkan = church
  • Gatan = street
  • piren = pier
  • torget = square 
Situated right beneath Masthuggskyrkan, the SGS accommodation at Kjellmansgatan is the place I called home for the past two years. The apartments Kjellmansgatan 7, 9, 11, 13 forms a community of students from both GU and Chalmers. In this blog post, I’d like to share some insights of living in Kjellmansgatan apartment. 

What facilities we have at Kjellmansgatan?
  • Pub: We have a pub located at Kjellmansgatan 9. It is available for all residents in Kjellmansgatan to lease for free, only require a minimum deposit. The pub can easily accommodates 20-30 people and it has equipments like a PS4 and some board games. Perfect place to invite your friends for a weekend party.  
  • Sauna: Located inside the pub, the sauna can accommodates about 10 people. I’ve never use this facility myself but it looks clean and neat. 
  • BBQ place: Right behind the pub, there’s a small BBQ place which can easily accommodates 40+ people for a summer BBQ. This field is at the connection of Kjellmansgatan and the church at the back, really cozy place. 
  • Masthuggskyrkan with the most amazing sunset available in Goteborg: When i say “the view” of Goteborg, I do mean the one and only view! 360 view angle around the city center and the river. 
Things you should know about Kjellmansgatan?
  • The kitchen is normally shared by 9 people while the private bathroom is inside your room. 
  • In some rooms, the bathroom comes with a bathtub (such as mine). But this is a very rare thing and we still couldn’t figure out why there’s a bathtub in my bathroom. Normally the bathroom is only equipped with shower and toilet. 
  • We have two Hemköp and one Willys within 5 mins walking distance. 
  • The huge park, Slottsskogen is around 5-10 mins on foot, and 3 mins biking distance from our place. 
  • Andra Langgatan, the famous street for after works and beer is right at the foot of Kjellmansgatan. In case you’re worrying about having difficulty returning your home from a tipsy evening, Kjellmansgatan is your best option. 
  • Each building has its own bike room, hence you can store bikes indoor. 
  • From Kjellmansgatan to Johanneberg campus would take about 25 - 30 mins by tram, 15 - 20 mins by bike (warning: the way to main campus does contain quite long hill climbs with rapid descent, great way to exercise and training though). 
  • From Kjellmansgatan to Lindholmen campus, you can take the ferry at Stenpiren (both ferry number 285 and 286). It only takes about 15 mins from Kjellmansgatan to Lindholmen campus. 
  • The closest tram stop is called Stigbergstorget, tram number 11, 9, and 3 all take you to Stigbergstorget. Tram number 11 and number 9 are the two trams you need to take for gong to the beach area west of city centrum. 
  • Close to Kjellmansgatan, the area is called Majorna. It is one of the original Goteborg center back in the old days. Hence you can experience the historic buildings while taking a sip of fresh brewed coffee.  

Want to know more details and where abouts of the places I love near Kjellmansgatan ? Why not checkout this map ​I created :) 


Text: Yuting (Jeff) Chen

Image: Yuting (Jeff) Chen


Page manager Published: Mon 30 May 2016.