Chalmers Mastercard scholarship

Chalmers Mastercard, together with the Ecster bank, distributes half of one per cent of the card’s turnover annually as project grants and scholarships to students at Chalmers. By using the card, holders support various student projects. Cardholders can be students, alumni and employees of the University.

Do you have a project or an idea that you want to implement?

Take the opportunity to make your project or idea a reality by applying for a Chalmers Mastercard scholarship. Examples of projects are a degree project, a bachelor’s thesis, a project that benefits you as a student, the start of a new association or similar. The scholarship is important to give you the opportunity to complete projects where your theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice, and which provide experience and knowledge for your future career.

These are the guidelines specifying the Award Committee’s requirements:

• Good for the students/adds value
• Good for the University/adds value
• An opportunity for card users to feel proud of Chalmers and the University’s activities

Issuer: Chalmers University of Technology

Launch of calls for applications: Will be communicated here in advance of the opening of the application period.

Who can apply?
Undergraduate students at Chalmers University of Technology.

The application must contain:

• Project description or scholarship cover letter
• Budget
• If you are applying for a personal scholarship, please also attach your CV.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the application form below. The document containing the information listed above must be attached as a PDF or zip file.

In previous years, we have awarded grants for travel that is part of the projects. However, due to the experience of the recent pandemic, we would like you to outline in the application how the project will deal with any travel disruption or other unforeseen events.

Scholarships are not awarded retroactively, that is for exchanges or projects that have already begun at the time of application. A project group or similar should apply as a group and not individually.

Apply for the scholarship here: A link to the application form will be displayed here when the application period is open.

Previous scholarship recipients

Chalmers Mastercard awards money to anything from projects to find ways to provide water supplies in South Africa, graduate projects looking at alternative materials with ambitions for Milan Design Week, building a solar car that competes in international competitions to students competing in synthetic biology.

A total of SEK 283,260 has been distributed this year.

Below is a list of our 2022 scholarship recipients

• Mia Engman and Malin Pettersson: Degree project on water supplies in South Africa, SEK 40,000.
• Filip Eliasson and Carl Wingren Bergman: One-year degree project to look at healthcare applications in Peru, SEK 60,000.
• Ajsa Cuprija: Celebration of the Chalmers Ballet and the Alliance Orchestra anniversaries, 60 and 75 years respectively, SEK 30,000.
• Axel Guttman: Chalmers Solar Team receives financial support for several parts of the project, but primarily the moulding of car and composite materials, SEK 60,000.
• Joline Schikan: Degree project to look at alternative materials – take part in Milan Design Week, SEK 23,260
• Edwin Eliasson: Degree project based on performing a large two-month cells and hydrogels experiment in 3D bioprinting in Norway, SEK 10,000
• Linus Storm: Chalmers iGEM team to participate in an international competition in synthetic biology, SEK 60,000.