Welcome week


Starting your studies at Chalmers with lots of fun activities!

We are always excited to meet new students at Chalmers and we want to welcome you with fun and exciting activities where you get a chance to know the campus, meet new friends, explore the city, get a taste of the Swedish culture, and experience the diversity at Chalmers! Moreover, we try our best to make you feel at home during your studies at Chalmers.


The welcome week at Chalmers begins one week before your study period starts. The welcome week is arranged by Chalmers University of Technology in partnership with Chalmers International Reception Committee (CIRC). Here are the events* you should look forward to:


- Welcome day ceremony and your first Swedish Fika!

- Johanneberg and Lindholmen Campus Tour

- Chalmers Train Party

- International Dinner

- Chalmers Tram Race (Explore Gothenburg!)

- And many more…


*Please note that the events above corresponds with 2016-2018 regular events during the welcome week. Minor changes might occur.

More information about Chalmers International Reception Committee​

Published: Tue 16 Oct 2018.