Accommodation - Student housing

​The city of Gothenburg is a popular place to study which means that there is a very high demand for rooms. For the same reason it's very difficult to find housing, especially in the central parts of the city. You must be prepared to commute up to one hour from Chalmers. You are expected to search actively yourself, which means that you must put yourself in the queue systems for the housing agencies. It's important that you don't wait until the last minute, start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

Apply for student housing

Chalmers has agreements with the student housing agencies - SGS Studentbostäder & Chalmers Studentbostäder. Make sure to apply for accommodation as soon as you have been accepted. The application process changes depending on what kind of student you are. You'll find information about how to apply for accommodation at the Student Portal.

Genera​l information on accommodation

Accommodation for fee paying and scholarship students

Accommodation for non-fee paying, Erasmus and Nordtek students

Accommodation for exchange students outside of Europe

Accommodation for exchange students - Nordic5 Tech, Erasmus Mundus, Double Master's Degree, Linnaeus-Palme
Arrange accommodation with private landlords

Travelling to our campus areas

Usually, you can travel from one side of Gothenburg to the other within 30 minutes by bus, tram, ferry or bike. The public transport is well designed and whether you study at Campus Johanneberg or Campus Lindholmen, you can always access the campuses in an efficient way. On the public transport travelplanner website and app you get an idea of the travel time and distances to and from our campus areas.


Approximate travelling time

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