Single-subject courses for autumn

As a result of the Corona pandemic, we now offer a number of digital single subject courses during the autumn of 2020.

The application for our single-subject courses opens on 15 July. You will also be able to apply for common courses that are usually only given to students that are in our programmes. When it comes to these, there might be compulsory elements that will require your presence at our campus in Gothenburg.

No tuition fee is required for EU / EEA citizens. For others - see more information on our course fees page.​
Please note that courses with fewer applicants than the specified minimum limit may be cancelled. 

Courses in English

Project management in construction
The course addresses, from a sustainable, ethical and social perspective, the complexity and variety of project forms and roles as project managers found in the construction sector. This course will give you an introduction to project management, what it involves in the modern construction project, and its development.

Course description
Credits: 7,5 
Study period: 200902-20​1020 (study period 1)​
Tempo: 50%
Grading: TH – (Five, Four, Three, Fail)
Major subject: Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Department: Architecture and civil engineering
Open for exchange students: No
Minimum participants: 40
Maximum participants: 65​

Common courses

We also offer common courses that are usually given only to students who attend our programmes. This means that you will attend the courses alongside students who are already studying at Chalmers. The syllabus (see link below) shows which courses are given in study period 1 (200902-20​1020) and which are given in study period 2 (201102-210117).​

The notification of selection results for study period 1 will be sent out August 12. 
The notification of selection results for study period 2 will be sent out October 20. 

BOM285 - Building performance: Design and assessment
DAT321 – Software quality
DAT246 - Empirical software engineering
DAT380 - Technology-driven experimental game design
DAT405 - Introduction to data science and AI
TIF350 - Functional energy materials
FFR120 - Simulation of complex systems
KBT135 - Waste management
MMS050 - Finite element simulations in design
MMF062 - Vehicle dynamics
MKM110 – Microsystems technology
FKA196 - Fundamentals of micro- and nanotechnology
SSY085 - Wireless and photonics system engineering
MVE170 - Basic stochastic processes
MVE190 - Linear statistical models
MVE550 - Stochastic processes and Bayesian inference
TMA521 - Large scale optimization
LMA017 - Mathematical analysis in several variables
MVE560 - Architectural geometry
RRY095 - Satellite positioning
RRY070 - Millimeter wave and THz technology

Published: Fri 11 Sep 2020.