Freestanding courses for working professionals

Freestanding courses for working professionals means that existing courses within Chalmers' regular range of education can be applied for by individuals with an academic degree and work experience.
However, there must be available places at the course, which is primarily open to enrolled degree-seeking students.
Freestanding courses for working professionals aim to be a supplement and of your academic degree for increased competence and employability.

Tuition fees

For international students, fees and later the residence permit are important parts of the application process. Read the information at before you submit your application.
Check the current price for a course at Chalmers in Swedish kronor (SEK). The price listed refers to one (1) credit and applies  to all applicants liable to pay application and tuition fees.



  • You can be admitted to a maximum of 15 credits per study period. If you are applying for courses that amount to more than 15 credits within a study period, you must specify a priority order in the appendix.
  • There is rarely a place open on courses that are part of, or are compulsory for, programmes in year 1. This also applies to so-called introductory courses.
  • You apply for a course that is given either during the upcoming spring or autumn semester, not for an entire calendar year or academic year. Make sure that the course is given during the study period during the upcoming semester and current year.
Follow the instruction and read further information at the page Instructions for Appendix.


  • Bachelor's degree of 180 credits or equivalent (i.e. at least a 3-year programme in an unspecified field of study). Find out what is required to prove your academic background and what applies specifically to the country your academic Degree was issued in at
    Required academic documents
  • Country instructions (where your degree was issued)
  • For courses given in Swedish, a minimum of Swedish 3/B from upper secondary school or equivalent is required. For courses given in English, English 6/B from upper secondary school or equivalent is required.
  • At least 12 months’ documented work experience* acquired after academic studies and at least a bachelor's degree. The work experience does not have to be linked to your education profile.
  • Course-specific requirements may apply. The requirements can be found on Chalmers Student Portal use Chalmers Student Portal (and Search course).
  • Read about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), another path to eligibility.
*) You need a work certificate (proof of employment is not sufficient) to verify your job position, scope of work hours and length of employment. Note that you must have worked at least part-time at 50% for your work experience to count. Regular working hours for full-time work is 38 hours/week. Please note that it is required to have worked at least 50%, part-time. Part-time work can be specified in hours, days or percentages.  The requirement of at least 50%, part-time time does not necessarily apply to one job; you can have several different jobs at the same time. The working hours during the period must amount to at least 19 hours / week.


If there are more eligible applicants than the number of places available for a course, a selection must be made. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are ranked according to the longest work experience after the requirement of 12 months has been met.
Lack of available seats for the applied course may occur.
You will receive your admission letter sent to you by e-mail.
If you are a fee paying student you must respond to the question on whether you are prepared to pay the tuition fee or not, to keep the offer. A second email with instructions (invoice details) will be sent out to those who accepts the conditions.


Chalmers Admissions has no information regarding your chances of being offered a place and is unable to answer questions on this subject beforehand.
For questions regarding your application and admission, please contact Chalmers Admissions:

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Apr 2022.