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Residence permit

When you are admitted, you can start your application for a residence permit for studies. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and you are planning to study for longer than three months, you need to have a residence permit to study in Sweden. As an EU/EEA citizen you have the right of residence in Sweden and may study without a residence permit. ​The application has to be made directly at the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).

In order to receive your residence permit in time for your travel to Sweden before the semester starts, it is important that you submit the residence permit application as soon as possible after you have been admitted and paid the first instalment of the tuition fee. The most efficient way to make an application is online at the Swedish Migration Agency website, but please ensure you have all documents ready so you can make a complete and full application. Regardless of the start date for the semester, you can apply for a permit that is valid from 1 August. This to enable you to get to Sweden in time and prepare for the first day at your new university.

Applying for a residence permit for studies

To be able to apply for a residence permit you must:
  • Intend to study and be admitted to full-time studies at Chalmers.
    • Your Notification of Selection Results (same as Admission Letter and Letter of Acceptance​) is necessary in order to start the application process and for the Swedish Migration Agency to complete it. You can find this as a PDF on your University Admissions account. This PDF shows the start and end date of your programme. All masters programmes start on the 29th of August 2022 and finish on the 2nd of June 2024.
  • Choose a start and end date for your residence permit.
    • ​Your permit start date can be either same as the start date of your programme i.e., 29 August or you can choose an earlier start date. The earliest start date you can choose is 1 August.
    • Your end date is always 13 months from the start date.
  • Have comprehensive health insurance that covers the whole period you are in Sweden if you plan to study for less than one year.
    • Fee Paying and Scholarship students are covered by the FAS+ policy.
    • In Sweden, if you are admitted to more than one year of studies, you don’t have to submit any separate proof of health insurance when you apply for your residence permit.
  • Demonstrate that you have enough money to support your living costs during the planned study period. 
  • Have a valid passport. Check that your passport does not expire during the duration of your studies​
Join the live stream on how to apply for a residence permit with the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Migration Agency, 26 April 2022. 

Proof of health insurance

If you are admitted to more than one year of studies, you don’t have to submit any separate proof of health insurance when you apply for your residence permit. You must attach the Notification of selection result (admission lresult available at your account at instead.

Read more information about this on our Insurance page​​

Residence permit for work, during and after studies

Admitted students with a residence permit for studies are allowed to work according to Swedish law, but a prerequisite for this residence permit is full-time studies on a programme or course.

Chalmers’ Master's programmes require you to study full-time, day-time (the rate of study is 100%). This can be difficult to combine with work, as students are required to be present at the university to participate in lectures, labs, project assignments and examinations. Many courses in the master's programmes are mandatory and the schedules are fixed. Certain courses are only offered once a year.

If you wish to stay in Sweden after your studies and find a job, there's a specific residence permit for that purpose. You can find more information on our webpage "After your studies"​

Residence permit (the Swedish Migration Agency)


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