Insurance for students

Personal injury insurance for students

All students at Chalmers are covered during college hours and while travelling directly between their place of residence and the university through Chalmers’ agreement with Kammarkollegiet concerning personal injury insurance. Kammarkollegiet is a Swedish public agency that provides different types of insurance programmes for students studying at the higher education level. The perso​nal injury insurance provides basic protection which covers personal injury in the event of an accident, as well as certain cases of illness caused by infection. 

For comprehensive insurance cover, students must take out their own accident insurance to cover other times/leisure time as well as home insurance.

Please make sure that your insurance company is informed about your stay in Sweden. As the policies regarding accident, medical or property insurance vary from one country to another, you are advised to find out what applies in your case. The rules can be different depending on your citizenship and the length of your studies in Sweden.

Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department
Policy number: 556479-5598-3

Fee-paying students and scholarship students

Students who pay tuition fees (incl. scholarship students) are covered by the FAS+ policy. This policy includes accident coverage, illness coverage, dental care, home transport, liability coverage, legal protection and property coverage. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day in the Schengen area with the exception of the Property cover in FAS+, which is only valid in Sweden.
Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department
Insurance number: 556479-5598-0007

When you are applying for a residence permit

When you apply for your residence permit through the Swedish Migration Agency (portal) online it is important to fill it in correctly.

If you are admitted to more than one year of studies, you don’t have to submit any separate proof of health insurance when you apply for your residence permit. You must attach the Notification of selection result (admission letter) available at your account at instead. Don't enter “Course Starting and Course ending dates”.

The Swedish Migration Agency has knowledge of that full-time master’s students are insured for the entire study period at Chalmers.

Further information about how to apply for a residence permit for studies in higher education ​

Students from EU/EES

Students from any EU/EES country are covered by the Chalmers insurance policy mentioned above. These students are obligated to acquire their own health insurance from their home country which covers remaining hours in Sweden.​

Exchange students 

Like all other students, incoming exchange students at Chalmers are insured during school hours and direct travel between their place of residence and the university. The insurance is valid in Sweden and covers primarily accidents during school hours and travel to and from the school.
Incoming exchange students are also covered by Student IN. This requires the student to study or train within the frame of an exchange agreement, i.e., an agreement must have been drawn up between Chalmers and the foreign seat of learning.
Student IN includes a limited amount of accident cover during leisure time, the right to compensation for emergency medical care or emergency dental care (not EU), home transport cover, liability protection and legal protection.

Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department
Policy number: 556479-5598-1

Students at Shipping and Marine Technology

Students admitted for education to the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology are also covered by the Special Personal Injury Protection insurance during ship-based training. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day around the world, except for Sweden. In Sweden, the personal injury insurance for students applies.

Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department
Policy number: 556479-5598-2


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