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After your studies

By collaborating with different companies and always keeping up with the latest research, Chalmers makes sure that you are well prepared for what comes after graduation. In fact, most Chalmers’ students have a relevant job within six months after graduation. 

Once you are done with your studies at Chalmers, you can apply for a 12-month period-permit to stay in Sweden​ and look for a job. There are different paths to take such as employment, doctoral studies or entrepreneurship. Gothenburg is one of the most expansive regions in Europe and Sweden’s best location when it comes to logistics. It is a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as home to many international companies and offices. 

Finding a job

When searching for a job in Sweden, there are different ways to find a position and apply. For example, you can contact the Swedish Public Employment Service, find ads on social media, contact a recruitment agency, or reach out directly to a company that you are interested in. Of course, you should also make sure to update your LinkedIn profile and take part in the career-related activities offered by Chalmers.

Even though many companies are international and use mainly English in the daily work, it is common that employers want their employees to speak at least some Swedish. So, make sure to use the Swedish language resources available when you are a student. 

Academic career

Doctoral studies enable you to develop a research specialty and your own scientific concepts. Pursuing a doctoral programme helps you develop skills that are sought after by employers in all fields. In Sweden, a PhD is a job, so you get paid to do it. This also means that there must be an open position to apply to. Chalmers can offer PhD positions in a wide range of areas, and it is a good idea to get in touch with the department you are interested in before you apply.


If you have a great idea and want to explore the possibilities of making it happen by starting your own company, there are several Chalmers partners where you can meet other people and exchange ideas. There is the possibility to get counselling, meet other entrepreneurs and participate in events to learn more. For example, Chalmers has an “E-village”, an innovation centre and Science Parks (where Chalmers works together with the City of Gothenburg and different businesses on research and projects).

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One great possibility to get a foot in at a company is to do an internship. That is typically not included in the master’s programmes at Chalmers, but many students do it in their free time. Once again, networking is key. Make sure to update your CV and LinkedIn profile, attend networking events and ask professors or other students for advice. Maybe you can intern for a few hours each week or during the summer? Regardless of how many hours you do, it will open doors for your future career and provide you with valuable experiences.

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