Catch up on the latest updates about the pandemic for prospective students. ​​​
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Corona updates for prospective students

Are you planning to apply to Chalmers for the autumn semester 2021? Here is some information about how Chalmers has been handling the Corona outbreak so far.

The application round for the academic year 2021/22 commencing in the autumn semester 2021 will open Mid-October and remains unaffected by the Corona outbreak. Here you can find more information about how to apply to Chalmers.​

The teaching at Chalmers is currently carried out with a mixture of campus-based and remote education with some parts on campus and some parts online, in order to adapt to the current situation where social distancing has to be considered. 

International students who couldn’t travel to Gothenburg in time for the start of the autumn semester 2020 are still able to take part in the teaching, including the campus-based parts, digitally. Students that arrive later during the semester, enabled by eventually changed travel restriction, can join the campus-based parts of the courses immediately when they arrive. Decisions on how the autumn semester exams will be conducted are going to be made before mid-September.

Please note that there will be no reduction of the tuition fees because of the pandemic, but fee-paying International students who due to current circumstances have wished to resign their place of study were able to receive a refund for the autumn semester 2020. A new decision about the teaching for the spring semester 2021 is planned to be made by October 30 at the latest.

dent-generated content about Corona
Here you will be able to find blogs and videos made by our international student ambassadors about how their studies at Chalmers have been affected by the Corona outbreak. 

formation from Swedish authorities 

Published: Fri 28 Aug 2020.