Catch up on the latest updates about the pandemic for prospective students. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Corona updates for prospective students

Are you planning to commence master's studies at Chalmers in the autumn 2021? The application, admission and tuition fee process remains unaffected by the Corona pandemic. This is how Chalmers has been handling the situation so far.

The application round for the academic year 2021/22 commencing in the autumn semester 2021 was open 16 October 2020 - 15 January 2021. The process is proceeding according to plan and remains unaffected by the Corona pandemic. 

The teaching at Chalmers is currently carried out with a mixture of campus-based and remote education with some parts on campus and some parts online, in order to adapt to the current situation where social distancing has to be considered. Chalmers’ ambition is to increase the amount of campus-based education and to return to campus teaching by the autumn of 2021 if the circumstances allow it, but a formal decision has not yet been made. Chalmers follows the authorities' recommendations and risk assessments. Please note that there will be no reduction of the tuition fees due to the ongoing pandemic.​​​

Refund of tuition fees

Reimbursement of tuition fees is only possible under special circumstances. If you have paid the tuition fee but are not granted a residence permit, you are entitled to reimbursement of the tuition fee. The application for a residence permit and the refusal of the same must have been done before the student can place a request for reimbursement because of the refusal of a residence permit.

It is possible to apply for reimbursement of the tuition fee under other special circumstances that prevent you from participating in the upcoming semester. Your own or a related persons illness (a related person is your own child, parent or partner), but in these cases, a reimbursement is never guaranteed. The reason for the reimbursement  must have occurred after the payment.

  • Lack of funding or admission at another university is not ground for reimbursement.
  • There is no reimbursement of already paid tuition fees upon cancellation after the beginning of studies or upon discontinuance of studies. Special circumstances do not apply. 
Please direct your questions regarding the tuition fee, payment to​


The pandemic is not a valid reason for deferment, however it may be a valid reason for a refund (prior to the start of the semester). If you have been offered a scholarship administrated by Chalmers, the scholarship itself cannot be ​deferred. If the deferment is approved, you may re-apply for a scholarship with no priority.

Vaccination in Sweden

You do not have to be a Swedish citizen to get a vaccine against covid-19. Everyone who lives or permanently stays in Sweden will be offered a vaccine, in the order of priority recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency. 

Student-generated content about Corona

Imortant information in English from Swedish authorities

Keep yourself updated about the current Corona situation in Sweden and the travelling restrictions for Sweden by following the links below:

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