Track: Venture Creation

In Bioscience and Technology

As part of the Venture Creation track, you will be in the driver’s seat of an innovative high-tech project and develop hands-on skills in business creation and entrepreneurial leadership. When we founded Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship back in 1997 it was with the intention to bridge the gap between university research and commercial reality – to create real value while obtaining an academic education. Today the original Venture Creation track is vital part of the leading high-tech start-up environment in Sweden.

This track is a part of the master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design. For information about how to apply to the Entrepreneurship and Business Design programme please visit the programme webpage.

The mission to develop entrepreneurs and advanced technology and bioscience ventures is carried out in cooperation with idea partners from academic research and R&D departments at major firms. Together we work to transform promising ideas and research projects into thriving high-tech businesses, and through this reality-based approach, we educate entrepreneurial leaders fit for running start-ups as well as business development in established firms.
The key to this innovative value creation is the students and the teams they form during the education. By acquiring knowledge, tools and skills needed to shape the future of technology ventures and projects  and being allowed to apply their creativity on real innovation projects the students create real value for the innovation project as well as develop their entrepreneurial ability through a true “learning-by-doing” pedagogy.
In addition to the academic education, the school’s close connection with experienced entrepreneurs forms a valuable network of support and advice for the students doing bioscience and technology venturing.

Real Venture Creation

During the second semester of the program, Venture track students are divided into teams, which are matched with researchers and innovators who have contributed ideas with commercial potential. From a dedicated work-space, the students engage in the commercial development of the project, such as attracting funding, technology & product development, and creation of IP. The real venture creation is combined with academic Master’s Thesis work. Taking care of daily business means generating empirical data, which then is anchored with theory and verified through academic methods.
Working with venture creation in the fields of bioscience and technology means that the ideas our students work with are relevant for a variety of application areas. They create ventures within renewable energy, medical devices, artificial intelligence, and new materials, just to name a few.

A chance to be an owner of a start-up

Each year, 4-5 of the innovation projects developed by the students within the Venture Creation tracks in Bioscience and Technology are incorporated together with Chalmers Ventures – Chalmers incubator and seed-financier. This creates an opportunity for one or more of the students involved in the project carry on as business developers within the newly formed company.
Each student involved in an innovation project that is successfully incorporated into a firm can gain an ownership stake. Students who continue to work operatively normally obtain an even larger share. Those students not ending up incorporating still have strong ties and networks into the venture creation ecosystem and its continuous flow of opportunities.

After graduation

A majority of the students from these tracks operate as entrepreneurial leaders and managers today. Around a third of the venture track alumni continue in new ventures, either founded as part of the education or later. Venture track alumni are keen in identifying and realizing new opportunities wherever they operate. Hence, the majority of alumni from this track pursue careers business developers, projects managers, management consultants, investment managers and executives in leading corporations spanning over media, med-tech, telecom, IT and beyond.

In collaboration with Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Ventures is an incubator and seed-investor realizing ideas together with Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Since 2001, the close relationship between the school and an incubator has created a sophisticated mechanism to enhance both entrepreneurial learning as well as value creation coming from ventures. Today Chalmers Ventures engages idea partners from Sweden and internationally with promising spin-off ideas that need complementary entrepreneurial competence to move on. Student teams are then formed with idea partners around selected ideas allowing learning as well as value to be created during the final year of the master’s program. Based upon the students applying, Chalmers Ventures takes responsibility for incorporating the most promising ventures together with idea partners, track students and other identified key persons. This can occur during the final year of the education or after graduation.

Published: Mon 11 Nov 2019.