Current Projects


Atium’s goal is to help create an environment free from toxic heavy metals. We are developing a new technology for detecting and selectively removing mercury and other heavy metals from water. The patent-pending technology is based on Chalmers research.


Our venture is developing a revolutionary storage solution for the biobanking industry. Our solution will mainly focus on addressing the negative issues that are associated with refreezing samples after an analysis. It will play a major role in preserving sample quality for future research and supporting the fight against resilient diseases.


DeTecht is developing a crash algorithm for motorcyclists that enable automatic emergency calls when an accident has occurred. This is expected to reduce the emergency response time by 50%. It will also help locate and determine the need for direct emergency treatment. In a situation where the rider is often not able to call for help themselves.

Guinea Pig Health

Guinea Pig Health is a marketplace for health, connecting health coaches who can offer tests, plans, and consultations with clients who want to optimize their health.


Knodd is building the first smart child health platform, where parents can get answers to child health questions within minutes from the Knodd app. Specialised child nurses and child doctors supported by an artificial intelligence aim to aid and empower parents in the early days of their parenthood.


With the demand and queues for high-quality health care steadily rising, the need for innovative products is ever more important. We are developing a new surgical instrument that will reduce the time needed for open abdominal surgery, lower costs and open up valuable surgery space for patients in need.


A new generation of stirrups. Ride with confidence.


Patientkollen, a multi-platform software service, aims to empower and support patients throughout the surgery process. Patients will be able to log their recovery and get feedback. In the future, Patientkollen will be able to identify risk-patients, which will eliminate unnecessary suffering for patients and pressure on the health sector.

Published: Wed 14 Mar 2018. Modified: Tue 03 Jul 2018