Current Projects

HoneyGuide is developing the next-gen exploratory testing tools, employing machine learning to improve quality assistance work. We tap into all available information streams - with testers, test subjects and machines working together, nurturing and feeding off each other - to take testing beyond human bias and into mutual learning.
We have a microfluidic Organ-on-chip technology which is used to culture or analyse cells. It’s patented in Sweden and patent pending in EU. This technology could complement current technologies in the later stages of preclinical drug studies.
DeePQ is a startup at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in Gothenburg, founded together with researchers within Computer Science and Energy. Using machine learning, DeePQ has discovered how to predict power quality, making it possible to compensate the power in real time and thereby optimizing energy grids. 
We are working together with SOS alarm to develop software that can help the operators make decisions and have better control over the conversation while handling incoming emergency calls. The software will transcribe the conversation in real time and then apply our AI to the text in order to make an analysis about what should be asked as a next question, what actions to take etc. Thereby guiding the operator forward. The software will also help structure the data for when SOS alarm wants to get a better overview of the quality of their calls and what is generally missed.
Our technology is a measuring device for process fluids. The prototype uses impedance and spectroscopy to measure the conductivity of fluids. The conductivity is converted into measurements of Alkalinity and composition by a software model.  Biggest need so far found in the industry of metal processing, more specific cutting liquids (example CNC machines) and cooling liquids (cut-off machines). There are two existing prototypes that have been tested in factories. Technology is working, needs further validation to prove accuracy, and development to go from prototype to MVP.
Our technology is based on research conducted through a collaboration between Chalmers & IVL (The Swedish Environmental Institute) and can be used to calculate a products complete impact including climate, society, biodiversity, depletion of resources, human health and use of water. The complete impact is translated into a monetary value which makes it an interesting value when comparing products to one another.
Nanovio is a cleantech startup from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and has invented a patented nanotechnology platform for air and water purification.  Our technology is a platform technology, modular in design and application. We offer a solution with few constraints to whoever faces the problem of pollutions in water and air.

Published: Wed 14 Mar 2018. Modified: Thu 18 Oct 2018