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In 2018, datacenters accounted for 1% of the total global energy demand, a figure that is expected to increase dramatically in the coming future. Due to inefficiencies in providing processors with data, much of this energy goes to waste. BETA aims to mitigate this problem by providing a software solution that can make processors in servers up to 130% more efficient. This will ensure that data processing can be done quicker and that the energy used in large databases will not be wasted on unproductive resources.

beta_web.jpgBlack Cells

To meet the United Nations goal of managing water sustainably by 2030, we need to double the current rate of progress. Our mission is to be one of the actors contributing to this progress. With our patented technology, we provide a circular biological cleaning system, using melanin cells to remove harsh materials from water. Our technology makes it possible to replace unsustainable water treatment methods used in industries today, with a sustainable and circular method.

cooking_web.jpgHydrogen Cooking

Three billion people globally cook using dirty fuels such as wood or charcoal on open fires or inefficient stoves. Cooking with dirty fuels is seriously hazardous to human health and the environment consequently hindering social and economic development in regions that need it most. We want to bring clean-burning and affordable cooking fuel to impoverished communities. Using renewable energy to power an electrolyzer that splits water into hydrogen, we can locally produce clean and affordable hydrogen gas in the most remote areas. Renewable hydrogen fuel for cooking transforms lives by eliminating dependence on harmful solid fuels thereby meaningfully empowering communities and protecting the environment.


What if the power grid was shut down because of a cyber attack? With the advancement and the interconnectivity between technologies, the risk of cyber-attacks has increased drastically over the last decade. Norgald provides a cybersecurity solution that helps to detect and classify vulnerabilities in the IT and OT components of power grid companies. Further, norgald’s solution will quantify the consequences of an attack on the system as well as analyze the risks associated with those vulnerabilities. With this information IT-specialists can make informed decisions to take action and secure the entire network.


Clean water is necessary for human life. Globally, there are a lot of problems with water contamination and two billion people live without access to clean water. Contaminations of microplastics and metals increasingly occur, but one lasting problem is that of dangerous microorganisms. The brand new Rapicoli technology enables for rapid and cost-efficient detection of Escherichia coli (E.coli) in water streams. The conventional methods for detecting bacteria in drinking water take somewhere from 12 hours up to several days. Our new technology enables real time detection, without the need for lab facilities, and in addition it is a lot cheaper than the current solutions. 


Industrial companies all across Sweden produce tons of waste and bi-products that could be valuable to other businesses. Right now, they usually pay to have it burnt. We are providing a productized service to SMEs that helps them reduce waste-related costs, save money on their input materials, and supports the European goal of transitioning from a linear to circular economy.


AI is a growing industry, and in many application areas, the data sources are decentralized devices (phones, laptops, cameras, etc). The traditional way of applying machine learning in these cases is to gather the device's data and train the models on a centralized server. This does not preserve data privacy or high communication efficiency. Federated learning has been proposed as the solution to some of the challenges that the classical approach to machine learning is faced with. The privacy issue would be solved by moving the training of the models to the edge devices on which data was generated, meaning that the data would never have to leave the device. Although solving the privacy issue, the federated learning approach falls short in communication efficiency and learning accuracy, constituting a bottleneck for broader adoption of the technique. We aim to remove that bottleneck through a solution that enables model aggregation at intermediate network nodes, drastically increasing communication efficiency and simultaneously improving learning accuracy. We call this scalable federated learning. 

ventus_web.jpgVentus Robur

Our energy consumption is gradually growing as society progresses and there is a need for more renewable energy sources to meet this increase in demand. Ventus Robur is currently developing a new type of vertical wind turbine for small-scale applications. A vertical wind turbine is independent of wind direction and Ventus Robur’s new design can generate power with nothing but a gentle breeze, resulting in a more continuous power supply. Unlike solar power, wind turbines can operate around the clock as well as during the darkest and coldest months of the year. The goal is to deliver a solution suitable for anyone looking to harvest the wind, ranging from off-grid locations to urban environments.

Wet n drywetdry_web.jpg

What if we could eliminate all empty transports! Today many transports are empty when they return from the unloading destination. This is called “one way transports”, which is a consequence of that liquid and dry cargo can’t be loaded in the same trailer. Today trailers with dry cargo are transported from A to B and return empty. The same goes for transports with liquid cargo. This means that up to 50% of the transports are transported empty and thus the CO2e-emissions are much higher than needed. 

With our Multi Purpose trailer we can eliminate all one way transports and thus also lower the CO2e-emissions on those distances. The Multi Purpose trailer can be transported on ships, roads and railway and is compatible with traditional vehicles as well as the future electric ones.


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