News: e-school related to Chalmers University of TechnologyFri, 03 Jul 2020 12:41:42 +0200 challenges<p><b>​Meet Jacob Hellke, Corporate Entrepreneurship Track</b></p>​&quot;Hi! My name is Jacob Hellke, and I’m a first-year (soon to be second-year!) student at the Corporate Entrepreneurship track. This week I'm going to tell you about my year at the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, and some reflections on &quot;current events&quot;.<br /><br /><div>A year has gone by since I got my letter of acceptance to Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. It has been a year paved with uncertainty, learning, and new experiences. The cream of the crop, the final test, on how to bear the uncertainty so often facing an entrepreneur was a world scale pandemic.</div> <br />This text would probably look a lot different if everything went according to plan. Probably the best thing about this program is the unexpected journeys it will offer you. At this point in time, I would have completed a collaboration with students at George Washinton University in Washington together with a partner from the Corp track. We were supposed to pitch two life science projects at the Swedish embassy in Washington, but you know, a Zoom conference wasn't all too bad. At least my family and friends could join in!<br /><br />I would also probably write this post on an airport heading to California to work there for the summer with intellectual property and business development. I'll leave it to you to figure out what happened. This got me to realize the best thing about this program, except friends and teachers. Managing changes, obstacles, and uncertainties. Managing is perhaps a bad word, embracing is more to the point. Jacob one year ago would be devastated, sad, and disappointed by now. Well, I still am, a bit, but I stand humble for the challenge of going into this ever-changing climate and do the best I can with what I've learned so far.<br /><br /><div>&quot;Never let a good crisis go to waste&quot; said Winston Churchill. And although it Is a tragedy, and always will be, it shows that entrepreneurship can be found anywhere and within anyone. People are gathering online, creating wonderful things across the globe to fight the pandemic, the infodemic, and other challenges that we've created for ourselves. You don't have to be a Jobs, Musk or Kamprad. You can just be you. That's one of my key takeaways from this program.</div> <br />In the end, I can't complain. I'm sitting on the west coast much closer to home, reading one of my favorite books. I wish you all an exciting and uncertain summer, keep your distance and use sun-screen!&quot;Mon, 01 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200 track insights<p><b>​Meet Leon, Corporate Entrepreneurship Track</b></p>​&quot;Hello, my name is Leon and I’m currently in the final study period of my first year of the corporate entrepreneurship track. I have a very technical background but realised during my side activities and gap years that what I found to be the biggest problem and also the most fun was dealing with the human aspects in projects and organisations. This education aims to combine different disciplines and the combination of technology and other aspects is something that has really stood out during my time at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.<br /><br />During the first semester we had a project called the Business Creation Lab which consisted of a large project that spun over three different courses. The most prominent example is when we were given 5 biotechnological patents to commercialise. I could understand the technology aspects and the law student in my group could understand what the text actually meant. It’s a silly example but from this it really stood out how quickly it became valuable to have different backgrounds. I have probably learnt more from my various group mates than from the lectures themselves. 

<br /><br />In the current study period, I am taking a course that simulates a company where spontaneous problems occur. In this course we have to manage both the company's projects but also the various people within the company. I feel like this really prepares us for the main point in the introduction of this text, namely how management of people in organisations is a main challenge. One can look at numerous models, but at the end of the day you need to work with the people behind each role within a project. So far, I have been very impressed by this education. I'm really looking forward to the second year where I will get to work with a change management project within a company.&quot;<br />Mon, 06 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0200 year of the venture track: Vividye<p><b>Meet Gustav Larsson-Utas, Venture Creation Track (Tech Track)</b></p><div>​&quot;Hi! My name is Gustav Larsson-Utas and I am currently studying my second year in the Venture Creation Track (Tech Track) at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. During my second year, two of my classmates and I have had the opportunity to work with two researchers from Chalmers and with their new and sustainable technology for coloring and decoloring textiles. The researches came to us with the technology and now me and my two classmates had to come up with how we could get this technology to the market. One of the first thing we needed was a name for the technology, and that became “Vividye”.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>During the first semester of my second year, we have been setting up strategies on how to move forward, which have included a lot of meetings with people and companies in the textile and fashion industry. After a few months of work, we applied for the H&amp;M and Elle’s Conscious Award with the idea that Vividye could be used in retail stores by fashion consumers to update their already existing wardrobe. One month later in December, H&amp;M’s sustainability manager called us and told us that we had won and asked if we wanted to come to the Elle-gala, and we answered with an exciting “Yes, of course!”.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>It is fun to see that you can use your theoretical knowledge, put it into practice at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and get these kinds of results.</div> <br />The H&amp;M and Elle’s Conscious Award is one thing, but all the people you get to meet through Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is a price itself. We may only be a few people in the Vividye team, but the people around us have always been giving their support through this whole process.&quot;Fri, 21 Feb 2020 09:00:00 +0100 in the healthcare sector<p><b>​Meet Erik Dahl, Intellectual Capital Management Track</b></p>​&quot;Hi! My name is Erik Dahl and I am currently doing my second year at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, in the ICM-track. During the autumn we have applied the frameworks we have learned during the education in three separate projects with customers from the industry. It has been a great to understand what we can bring to the table in a project outside the school environment and experience that we make a valuable contribution.<br /><br />My highlight has been working with design thinking in the healthcare sector, where we tried to find ways to improve the ambulance helicopter function. It was inspiring to work at a place where decisions could actually make difference between life and death, and that our work could potentially contribute to save lives. Our project resulted in an educational package that aims to increase the awareness in the organization of what information was necessary in order to make the correct decision on whether to send the helicopter or not. Hopefully the solution will be implemented in the upcoming year.<br /><br />On a more personal note, I really enjoyed spending time with my team, the people from the helicopter function and visiting their base to see the helicopter. Nowadays I always stop whatever I am doing as soon as I hear the helicopter sound, to check if it is our friends from Sahlgrenska that are out saving lives.&quot;Mon, 20 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0100 through hands-on practice<p><b>​Meet Yuejun Sun, Intellectual Capital Management Track</b></p>​&quot;Hi! My name is Yuejun Sun, and I am studying in my first year in the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. I am happy to share with you the enjoyable learning experience I have had during this fall.<br /><br /><div>Before applying for the Entrepreneurship and Business Design program, I was an electrical engineer who was interested in learning about the sustainable developing strategy of technology-based business. I indeed feel I have come to the right program. This program gives insights about creating, protecting, and developing technology-based innovation and start-ups.Furthermore, the ICM track is about learning methods and tools for evaluating and controlling intellectual assets in various contexts.</div> <br />The hands-on practice we got was through the BCL project, which many of my classmates have already told. We got leading-edge technology to create our business idea, and we could adapt our learning directly into the project, which made it extra challenging. Through the process, we probed group collaboration, peer learning, business creation, and much more. For instance, as in the IPS (Intellectual Property Strategy) course, we learned and applied methods to design and control the intellectual assets in the business. The main toolsets were to combine Technology Innovation, Business Strategy and Intellectual Property Law as three main “Arenas”, and use “Degunkification” to breakdown and analyze the situation.<br /><br />In the DTIM course (Design of Technological Innovations and Markets), we went more in-depth with our BCL project to the business level, by creating Technology-Economic Value Analysis, business model and future cashflows prediction. We learned to use the hypotheses to allocate the risks and uncertainties. Innovation and firm strategy were introduced in the case studies by analyzing real companies such as Google, Tesla and Apple. In the end, it got even more interesting when we practiced real negotiation with idea providers and venture capital investors.<br /><br />Besides all, there is also a bonus because of all the talent classmates you will get! You will feel engaged, motivated and understood. Time flies when you never feel bored in the study! I am looking forward to the next semester already!&quot;Mon, 23 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0100 by doing with real innovation projects<p><b>​​Meet Sophia Smail, Intellectual Capital Management Track</b></p><div>&quot;Hi! My name is Sophia Smail and I am currently in my second year at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Track. I’m going to share a little bit about the Applied ICM course, which all Chalmers ICM students take in the fall semester along with students from Sahlgrenska School of Innovation &amp; Entrepreneurship.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>For the Applied ICM course, we get to work on real innovation projects across a range of different settings. We started with the &quot;Healthcare Inc.&quot; project, which focused on applying the design thinking methodology to several different challenges within the Swedish healthcare system. In the &quot;Research Inc.&quot; project, each group was paired with a research project in order to evaluate their intellectual assets and develop possible ways to utilize the research going forward. We also had the chance to participate in a workshop for the &quot;Difference Inc.&quot; project, which focused on social entrepreneurship at the Innovation and Business Centre in Biskopsgården.<br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div>We are now a couple weeks into the last project, &quot;Venture Inc.&quot;, which brings together everything that we’ve learned up until now. Each team is paired with a venture and takes on the role of business developers. My team is currently working with a start-up at the AstraZeneca BioVenture Hub focused on imaging analysis for drug development and it’s been really interesting to learn about a new technology and all the potential that it has. Throughout our entire education, we have learned a lot of theory, but always with a practical focus in mind. Now with Venture Inc., we can apply the concepts we’ve learned as we work to help create value for real ventures. Learning by doing is at the heart of this education and Venture Inc. is one of the best examples of this!&quot;<br /></div>Mon, 16 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0100 took the bus to Portugal<p><b>​Meet Selma Björklund, Venture Creation Track</b></p><div>​&quot;Hello! My name is Selma Björklund and I’m currently writing my master’s thesis at the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the Venture Creation track. This summer I packed my bags and went on a very long bus ride to spend two sunny months in Portugal, working with business development and research within marine technology at <a href="">Peniche Ocean Watch</a>.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>The project gave me the opportunity to work in a true startup environment, with lots of unknowns and own responsibility. The team consisted of me and two friends from Chalmers, as well as our supervisor on site. I’ve previously heard that one should not run a business with one’s best friends, but our work this summer taught me otherwise. I’ve never laughed as much as I did in our warehouse co-working space, but I’ve also never gotten as much work done.<br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div>This experience has motivated me to stay on my grind and keep working with environmental sustainability. Being surrounded by visionaries, hustlers and scientists, all working towards the same goal, has rubbed off on me and I’m more confident than ever that I can be a part of the change that helps the world become a better place.<br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div>All in all, this summer has not only given me valuable insights on circular economy and ocean wellbeing, but also dear memories and friends for life. I’m more inspired than ever to get out and tackle the challenges of our time, and now I know that I have the network and capabilities to do so.&quot;</div>Fri, 08 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0100 in Silicon Valley<p><b>​Meet Frida Femling, Venture Creation Track</b></p><div>​“Hi! My name is Frida Femling and I am enrolled in the Venture Creation Track. This week I would like to share with you my summer as an intern at Richardson Oliver Insights. This is a data driven firm based in Silicon Valley. They help enable patent transactions and the patent market by providing reliable, comprehensive data-driven solutions to patent buyers, sellers and decision makers. A key element of these services is helping participants find the most valuable patents. How they do this? I’ll explain:</div> <br /><div>They use a patent ranking system they developed in-house, established 2015. The ranking system is built on a couple of metrics functioning as value indicators for patents. An example of a metric commonly used when ranking patents is the number of forward references from later patents. If a patent has a greater number of forward references compared to similar patents within the same technology field, that patent is likely to be of higher importance. My main task this summer was to develop this ranking system further by validating or invalidating the metrics for the existing ranking system and finding additional potential metrics to implement to improve the ranking system. This project included collecting data, sorting it, extracting the key data, visualizing it through Python and developing the updated ranking algorithms.</div> <br /><div>During this summer I realized how important the Intellectual Property Strategies course I took was. I worked with patents for 2,5 months on this project and the knowledge I needed about intellectual property that I had gained from the course was invaluable.</div> <br />But, enough of IP! On top of patents, programming and math, I did a lot of other things. I climbed mountains in Yosemite, visited Facebook's headquarters, cruised down Highway 1, celebrated 4th of July, tried freshly baked donuts, hiked in Muir Woods and explored San Francisco (almost every weekend). The Bay Area is amazing and I can definitely recommend applying for an internship here. I had the opportunity to combine IP with programming, data analysis, math and statistics with the most talented patent crew in Silicon Valley. And I want to take the opportunity to encourage you all to be brave and apply for an internship even though you might believe you don’t have all the qualifications. The willingness to learn and a positive mindset is the way to get there.”<br />Tue, 08 Oct 2019 00:00:00 +0200 app to help the Gothenburg people reduce air pollution<p><b>​An app that will get residents of Gothenburg to help improve the city&#39;s air quality. That&#39;s what two master’s students at Chalmers have developed in collaboration with Parkeringsbolaget Göteborg.“We want to give people information and knowledge so that they can make wise choices themselves”, says Chalmers student Dilan Ustunyagiz who is one of the developers of the new eco-layer in the app.</b></p>​<span style="background-color:initial">The air in Gothenburg city does not always meet the environmental quality standards. Some of the air pollution is caused by emissions from industries and shipping, but the biggest emission comes from road traffic. In short, the people of Gothenburg choose the car too often, leaving the air pollution in the city too high. Chalmers students Dilan Ustunyagiz and Jackson Malcolm believe that one should be able to deal with the car use through nudging. Nudging is a branch of behavioral economics and surrounds influencing people's behavior, often by arranging a choice situation. In their master's project, the Chalmers students have designed a new function in the app Parking Gothenburg, where air pollution is shown in real time as a cloud over the city. The grayer clouds, the more air pollution.</span><div>“We have done surveys and interviews with about 400 Gothenburgers and they show that people want to be environmentally friendly, but they do not always know how”, says Dilan Ustunyagiz.</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Tested </strong><span style="font-weight:700;background-color:initial">time and price </span><strong style="background-color:initial">difference</strong></div> <div>The idea is that someone who, for example, wants to travel from his home in Mölnlycke to his workplace at Järntorget, checks the app and, based on what the cloud of air pollution looks like right then, can decide not to contribute to more emissions, but instead choose another form of transport than driving his own car.</div> <div>“Our studies also show that time and cost are often the two most important factors when it comes to a choice of transport. So, we have tested how big the price and time difference can be travelling by different transport types from A to B. Many times, a combination of driving your own car to a commuter parking and from there travel with public transport wins, because you get to go past the traffic jams and also avoid the expensive parking fees in the city center. In addition, you are now able to buy your bus ticket in the parking app, says Dilan Ustunyagiz.</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Updates in real time</strong></div> <div>The idea for an app was a combination of Parkingsbolaget's positive attitude towards working with visionary projects, their own interest to work with environmental issues, and the fact that Jackson Malcolm had previously been involved with an air quality collaboration from Gothenburg before. Now the master’s project is finished, and Jackson is working in a start up, but Dilan is still working at Parkeringsbolaget to further develop the app.</div> <div>“One thing we are investigating is how we can increase the number of sensors in the city so that the cloud can be updated in real time. In the blue machines where you buy your parking ticket, there is already room for sensors, so now we are investigating to buy more and cheaper air measurement sensors”, says Dilan Ustunyagiz. “Then I will continue to develop the project, think about a possible reward system for those who travel environmentally friendly frequently. And by December 2019 we hope to test the project via a pilot study”.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Text: Helena Österling by Wåhlberg</div> <div>Photo: Carina Gran</div>Mon, 05 Aug 2019 16:00:00 +0200 Beginning of a Journey<p><b>Meet Cecilia Ågren, Corporate Entrepreneurship 2019</b></p><div>​My name is Cecilia and I started Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the autumn of 2017. Me and my classmates had some really exciting first weeks, starting with something called The Start-up challenge. We were divided into teams of 4-5 students, each team were lent 100 SEK, and the task was to come up with an idea on how to turn it into as much money as possible within 7 days. My team and I ended up being this year’s winning team, also breaking the school’s record. We made over 30.000 SEK! Together with the rest of our class, we brought in nearly 100.000 SEK!</div> <br />So why and what can one learn from a task like this? First of all, my team had backgrounds in software engineering, law, marine science and industrial engineering and management and this task forced us to directly brainstorm and share skills, contacts and knowledge with each other. During our first 2 hours together, we filled a white board with ideas and created our first prototype. The limited amount of time got us to think and act quickly. We also agreed on three things: no pressure, have fun and being open to each other!<br /><div><br /></div> <div>Speaking from my point of view, this is a perfect example and introduction to the “learning by doing” approach. We learned from each other’s experiences and we went into the task with open minds. Not with a single thought about that we could win - the focus was on the task itself and not in the competition. We were amazed by the feeling of creating something in such a short amount of time and making money while doing it. <br /></div> <div><br />Already from the beginning I felt grateful for starting this master’s programme with this group of people. I remember being super excited for our upcoming 2 years together. Again, the Start-up challenge teams were outstanding and I’m convinced the class has something awesome going on. <br /></div> Tue, 08 Jan 2019 08:00:00 +0100