Track: Intellectual Capital Management

The Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship focus on the rapid development of digitalization and globalization. The development demands expertise and business leadership to manage business creation within new converging technology and knowledge areas enabling disruptive innovations and market transformations. Thus, there is a need for the next generation of business leaders to gain adapted skills and customized tools to analyze, design and manage such technology and knowledge-based innovations, ventures and markets.

This track is a part of the master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design. For information about the programme and how to apply, please visit the programme webpage.

- - - Please note that it is not possible to apply for the ICM track during 2023 - - -
There will be courses and components from this track included as part of the programme in both of the other tracks.

The ICM track prepares students to manage complex innovation contexts, including disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence and open innovation environments. The track encompasses areas such as technology and knowledge-based business development, digital platforms, innovation management, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and intellectual asset management.
The ICM track runs in close interaction and cooperation with interdisciplinary faculty, industry leaders, expert consultants and practitioners serving leading technology-based businesses from a global perspective. The track offers a sophisticated and demanding business simulation environment in combination with real innovation and business development projects. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics and fields of expertise to give students a strong platform for multidisciplinary understanding of technology-based business.

Advanced innovation management and business creation

ICM track students gain advanced skills, tools and capabilities for managing technology transformation through innovation projects in a variety of settings. ICM students participate in education and project work focusing on business and societal challenges within the areas of digitalization, environment and healthcare. The education focus on the interplay between management, economics, law and technology in relation to technology and knowledge based business creation. The project work focus on evaluating, designing and implementing technology and knowledge-based development projects as part of research institutes, healthcare institutions and technology-based ventures and corporations. Capturing and managing knowledge and technology as intellectual assets and property are often key in managing such innovation processes and contexts.
Thus, the ICM track will prepare you to become a skillful technology manager and business developer, working in entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary fields of business creation and innovation management, for example;
  • working at the interface of technology, business, and intellectual property strategy in knowledge-intensive businesses and organizations,
  • managing strategic projects focused on technology convergence and transformation,
  • developing and implementing data and knowledge transfer management schemes in increasingly more complex and open innovation settings critical to success in the digital economy, including, platform-based business models that are developed by leading corporations and start-ups.

Working with innovation projects in multiple contexts

Transformative R&D and innovation require a multidisciplinary understanding of technology-based business. As an ICM student, you will learn from applying your knowledge and skills in real innovation projects across multiple contexts, including challenge-based, research-based, venture-based, and industry-based projects. This work is done in collaboration with partners from research centers, science parks and incubators, industry, and the healthcare system. Applied projects within ICM are guided and supervised by faculty-appointed technology-based innovation management experts.

After graduation

Regardless of whether your educational background is engineering, business or law, the ICM track opens up a broad range of future professional opportunities working with innovation, business development and technology-based disruption in knowledge-intensive organizations. ICM graduates work as technology managers, business developers and analysts, management consultants, entrepreneurs and intellectual property specialists, in Sweden and internationally. Graduates have the ability to be experts in their specialized profession as well as being influential team members in more interdisciplinary technology-based business settings.

Current projects

Currently students are evaluating and designing sustainable utilization strategies for projects within areas of digitalization and artificial intelligence including gamification concepts, data sharing models and data platforms for specific commercial business applications, and medical devices and treatment processes for the healthcare system etc.   

Details about the programme, such as curriculum and how to apply, are available at Chalmers’ Master’s Programmes websites.

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