Track: Corporate Entrepreneurship

With improved entrepreneurial behavior in established firms, we may see more disruptive and radical innovations, and organizations become more able to renew their capabilities. The Corporate Entrepreneurship track, therefore, offers students an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial capabilities through running an innovation project within a partner company, together with dedicated faculty and company mentors.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship track is a part of the master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design. For information about how to apply to the Entrepreneurship and Business Design programme please visit the programme webpage.

Within the track, students acquire entrepreneurial skills through developing innovation and handling complexities within large firms. During the second year, students work in pairs and operatively run an innovation project while at the same time learning how to handle organizational relationships together with faculty and company mentors. While being primarily operative, the projects are also anchored in the top management and there seen as a tool for infusing more entrepreneurial capabilities throughout the organization.
This track focuses on the role and skills of being entrepreneurial within an established context. This includes connecting to new customers and needs while mobilizing resources and anchoring opportunities in a corporate setting. Mentoring and peer-learning in this track thus focus much upon how to manage relationships, how to communicate both externally and internally, and how to manage and organize for innovation and change.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab

The Corporate Entrepreneurship track is part of the "Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab". The purpose of the lab is to enable partner firms to innovate, to learn and to rethink together with faculty and students. In one-year partnerships linked to the lab, two students will take on a more disruptive innovation project as their thesis-work.
The benefits of the lab are many. Companies get access to action-oriented faculty with entrepreneurial and corporate experience. It opens up a chance to try out new ideas and improve the business while getting to know ambitious students from Chalmers. And most importantly, students will learn at a rapid pace.
We try to make this both a way to drive more radical projects in the organization and a different education based on experience about driving innovation and renewal. So far, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab has worked with companies from the automotive industry, professional photo equipment, media, garment & fashion, and medical devices to name a few.

Running a project for an entire year

During the first year of the program, students are offered to be involved in attracting corporate partners for the Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab. During the Spring students are paired up and assigned a corporate partner to jointly run entrepreneurial, innovation-related projects in the company's environment. This project officially starts in September and constitutes the main foundation for a one-year master thesis. Apart from being at the corporate partners and in the field, the students during the second year are also expected to be regularly in the school environment for joint reflective and learning sessions. Running a project for an entire year it offers the students a lot of learning of how to navigate through different hurdles and progress an innovation project substantially.

After graduation

A large share of the students from this track will have great possibilities for leading roles and positions in large corporations in all areas. We typically find our graduates within business development and project management where a first position is as part of management trainee program. We also see that many students have been hired by the partner company they have worked with in order to continue developing the project started during the education.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship track has collaboration with Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe, read more about the center here >>

Published: Mon 11 Nov 2019.