Service Management and Logistics

Services have become an integrated part of production, and the service element increases steadily in both the private and the public sector. The Division of Service Management and Logistics focuses on the management, design, delivery and improvement of services from the perspective of the individual organization as well as the wider supply chain. Our research has a particular focus on organizations in various sectors, including transportation, construction, healthcare and manufacturing.

Note: From 1 January 2024, the division is integrated into Innovation and R&D Management and Supply and Operations Management

The research at the division relates to several of Chalmers’ Areas of Advance: Production, Transport, and Health Engineering. Further, we are closely connected to three research centers and collaboration platforms – CHI within healthcare, Centre for Management of the Built Environment and Northern Lead.

Research and education at the Division of Service Management and Logistics refer to the following research areas: Logistics and freight transport, Project-based organization, and Quality management.

Logistics and freight transport

Excellent logistics and transportation services require interplay between effective use of resources, management of freight, technology, environmental sustainability, inter-organizational structures and -relationships, and coordination of physical flow and information. The scope ranges from focus on item level to the freight transport system, and to the wider supply chain. This lays the foundation for competitive supply chains in which providers and users of logistics services deliver products and solutions to industrial as well as consumer markets, locally and globally.

Project-based organization

This research area has its focus on project-based organizations and professional services, traditionally found in construction but today also in other industries. Our research concerns social interrelations and communication in and between projects and project-based organizations for services bought by firms and public authorities.

Quality management

In established organizations, private as well as public, there is a need for continuous improvement to improve the utilization of existing resources as well as to satisfy customers’ needs better. Quality management with the principles of customer focus, continuous improvement and stakeholder involvement as well as its supportive practices and tools is the focus in this research area.

Research projects and publications

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