Contact persons

The Doctoral programme at the Department of Technology Management and Economics is managed by the Deputy head of department with responsibility for the Doctoral programme. The Director of studies for the Doctoral
programme is responsible for the study environment, course development and the individual syllabus
Susanne Ollila
Vice Head of Department

​Violeta Roso,
Director of graduate studies TME

Maria Ljunggren Söderman
Director of graduate studies ESA

Ann-Sofie Ullenius, Administrator

Satenik Atanesyan, Administrator​​
(on parental leave)

Doctoral student council

The doctoral students at the department are represented in a student council. For information and meeting times, please contact the council head,


Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild

The Chalmers Board of Graduate Students is the coordinating mechanism between PhD students at all departments at Chalmers. The representative from the Department of Technology Management and Economics is Maria Landqvist,​​

Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild

Published: Mon 12 Aug 2019.