Departmental Advisory Team

Each department at Chalmers has a Departmental Advisory Team. The Departmental Advisory Team brings together external company representatives and representatives from the various fields of the department. It also has an advisory and business environment scanning role. The work is based on Chalmers’ overall vision, goal, and strategies where the organisation of the department is part of a greater whole.

The task of the Departmental Advisory Team is to support the management. The main tasks are:
  • Identify and discuss overall strategic questions of importance for the long-term development of the department
  • Monitor the development of the department and follow-up on the goals achieved by the department as well as its budget outcome
  • The Departmental advisory team chair initiates the recruitment of a new Head of Department at the department

In addition, the Departmental Advisory Team is expected to:
  • Take part in the everyday discussion about the strategic development and performance of the department
  • Represent an external perspective to ensure relevance in research and education
  • Contribute to sharing the knowledge about the organisation of the department to other parties in society, both within industry and commerce as well as the public sector

The Departmental Advisory Team normally consists of eleven members; one Head of Department, four industrial representatives (one chair who is appointed by the President for three years in a row), two teacher representatives (appointed by the Faculty), one support function representative (appointed by the department), one member appointed by the President, one doctoral student representative (appointed for one year by the Doctoral Student Council) and one student representative (appointed for one year by the Student Union).

The Departmental Advisory Team normally meets three times a year.

External Representatives

  • Dennis Nobelius, Polestar
  • Ann Söderström, Director Health Care at Region Västra Götaland
  • Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future
  • Eva Ahlner, Senior Advisor, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


Faculty Representatives

  • Kamilla Kohn Rådberg, Researcher, MORE
  • Henrik Eriksson, Associate Professor, Quality Sciences


Principal Representative

  • Robert Feldt, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering


Support functions and Project and Centre Managament Representative

  • Emma Flygare


Doctoral School Representative

  • Amanda Bankel, Doctoral Student, Innovation and R&D Management


Student Representative 

  • Annie Olsson
  • Johannes Fagerström (substitute student representative)

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