Walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur

​Meet Zaid, Technology Venture Creation track
"​Hello folks, Zaid here, a first-year student at the Technology Venture Creation track. Allow me to give you a brief insight on the start of my journey as an entrepreneur.

"This is going to be easy" is what I repeatedly kept telling myself as the start of the semester was approaching. "How hard can it be to officially become an entrepreneur?" I asked myself as I was looking for a part-time job next to my master studies, completely convinced that it was doable. Little did I know …

Coming from a background in mechanical engineering, I am more used to a systematic way of learning where we are introduced to new (often intricate) concepts and knowledge to eventually use those in a more theoretical context either through group projects or during the exam. I have spent almost 10 weeks onboard this programme and this way of learning has constantly been challenged. Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship has so far done a great job in counterbalancing the traditional way of teaching by trying to provide us with opportunities where we work hands-on with the models and theories that are introduced to us. This new knowledge is not necessarily difficult or intricate, the challenge resides in applying it in real-life scenarios – and that is exactly what we are promoted to do on a daily basis through team discussions and case work. My understanding is that being an entrepreneur is not about being a genius or the best at what you do, but rather about being okay in working with high levels of uncertainty as you don’t necessarily have complete control over all variables in the innovation process. You have to take a leap of faith every now and then to see whether a certain path is the right one, and this is part of the process to create new and uncharted value.

While I still have the opportunity to put in some extra hours into a part-time job, it is becoming more evident to me that Chalmers E-School is all about value exchange. The amount of time and energy I invest into this learning process has a direct yield in a way, either through personal development or newfound knowledge. I am very excited to see what else I can gain from being part of this community. My aim is to be in the driver’s seat leading a business idea, that will hopefully contribute to solving the crucial climate issue we are facing, and I strongly believe that the Tech track provides me with a great opportunity to pursue this goal."

Page manager Published: Tue 08 Dec 2020.