Cecilia Ågren
​Cecilia Ågren

The Beginning of a Journey

Meet Cecilia Ågren, Corporate Entrepreneurship 2019
​My name is Cecilia and I started Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the autumn of 2017. Me and my classmates had some really exciting first weeks, starting with something called The Start-up challenge. We were divided into teams of 4-5 students, each team were lent 100 SEK, and the task was to come up with an idea on how to turn it into as much money as possible within 7 days. My team and I ended up being this year’s winning team, also breaking the school’s record. We made over 30.000 SEK! Together with the rest of our class, we brought in nearly 100.000 SEK!

So why and what can one learn from a task like this? First of all, my team had backgrounds in software engineering, law, marine science and industrial engineering and management and this task forced us to directly brainstorm and share skills, contacts and knowledge with each other. During our first 2 hours together, we filled a white board with ideas and created our first prototype. The limited amount of time got us to think and act quickly. We also agreed on three things: no pressure, have fun and being open to each other!

Speaking from my point of view, this is a perfect example and introduction to the “learning by doing” approach. We learned from each other’s experiences and we went into the task with open minds. Not with a single thought about that we could win - the focus was on the task itself and not in the competition. We were amazed by the feeling of creating something in such a short amount of time and making money while doing it.

Already from the beginning I felt grateful for starting this master’s programme with this group of people. I remember being super excited for our upcoming 2 years together. Again, the Start-up challenge teams were outstanding and I’m convinced the class has something awesome going on.

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