Selma took the bus to Portugal

​Meet Selma Björklund, Venture Creation Track
​"Hello! My name is Selma Björklund and I’m currently writing my master’s thesis at the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the Venture Creation track. This summer I packed my bags and went on a very long bus ride to spend two sunny months in Portugal, working with business development and research within marine technology at Peniche Ocean Watch.

The project gave me the opportunity to work in a true startup environment, with lots of unknowns and own responsibility. The team consisted of me and two friends from Chalmers, as well as our supervisor on site. I’ve previously heard that one should not run a business with one’s best friends, but our work this summer taught me otherwise. I’ve never laughed as much as I did in our warehouse co-working space, but I’ve also never gotten as much work done.

This experience has motivated me to stay on my grind and keep working with environmental sustainability. Being surrounded by visionaries, hustlers and scientists, all working towards the same goal, has rubbed off on me and I’m more confident than ever that I can be a part of the change that helps the world become a better place.

All in all, this summer has not only given me valuable insights on circular economy and ocean wellbeing, but also dear memories and friends for life. I’m more inspired than ever to get out and tackle the challenges of our time, and now I know that I have the network and capabilities to do so."

Page manager Published: Fri 08 Nov 2019.