Second year of the venture track: Vividye

Meet Gustav Larsson-Utas, Venture Creation Track (Tech Track)
​"Hi! My name is Gustav Larsson-Utas and I am currently studying my second year in the Venture Creation Track (Tech Track) at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. During my second year, two of my classmates and I have had the opportunity to work with two researchers from Chalmers and with their new and sustainable technology for coloring and decoloring textiles. The researches came to us with the technology and now me and my two classmates had to come up with how we could get this technology to the market. One of the first thing we needed was a name for the technology, and that became “Vividye”.

During the first semester of my second year, we have been setting up strategies on how to move forward, which have included a lot of meetings with people and companies in the textile and fashion industry. After a few months of work, we applied for the H&M and Elle’s Conscious Award with the idea that Vividye could be used in retail stores by fashion consumers to update their already existing wardrobe. One month later in December, H&M’s sustainability manager called us and told us that we had won and asked if we wanted to come to the Elle-gala, and we answered with an exciting “Yes, of course!”.

It is fun to see that you can use your theoretical knowledge, put it into practice at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and get these kinds of results.

The H&M and Elle’s Conscious Award is one thing, but all the people you get to meet through Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is a price itself. We may only be a few people in the Vividye team, but the people around us have always been giving their support through this whole process."

Page manager Published: Fri 21 Feb 2020.