Per Wide
​Per Wide researches how management of disruptions in freight transport can be improved.

Reducing impacts from disruptions in the transport system

​How can freight transport become more efficient? Per Wide has investigated how disruptions in freight transport are managed in real-time, in order to minimise the impact from disruptions in the transport system.​
Per Wide, PhD student at Chalmers, researches how real-time information can improve the management of disruptions in freight transport. Now, he presents his licentiate thesis: ”Recovery actions in freight transport through real-time disruption management”
What challenges do you focus on in your research?
Freight transport has efficiency problems connected to management of disruptions. At the same time, a development of information systems and automatization within the transport sector are generating new demands and possibilities for how disruptions can be managed.

With your research, how are you aiming to address the problem?
I am investigating the recovery phase after disruptions to see how it can be improved by the use of more real-time information.

What do you hope for your research to lead to?
I hope the results of this research lead to insights for development and usage of decision support systems for recovery actions, that provide insights for more efficient transport systems and supply chains.

Text and photo: Ulrika Ernström

More information

Per Wide is a PhD student at Chalmers, the Department of Technology Management and Economics and Organization, and connected to the Northern LEAD research center.

Read Per Wide's licentiate thesis

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