Putting your skills to practice

​Meet Karl, Corporate Entrepreneurship Track
​"I think I’m not the only one who has doubted the relevance of all the theories and frameworks you learn during your bachelor's. For my master's, I was looking for something different and that is the main reason why I knew that Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship was the best fit for me. 

My name is Karl and I am a second-year corporate entrepreneurship student. Since September I am working on a one-year strategy-project at Göteborg Energi together with one of my peers, Sara Riad. We’ve gotten the objective to develop a framework for strategic partnerships. So far, what has struck me the most is the similarity between every-day work experiences at Göteborg Energi and the conceptual challenges that were discussed in my courses during the first year at Chalmers E-School. I especially remember the Knowledge-Based Business Development & Management (KBBDM) course that was constructed as a real-life business simulation and taught me how to approach your colleagues depending on your objective, the importance of time management, and the ability to think one step ahead in order to get what you want.

Another great example of how you will be able to put your skills to practice as a corporate entrepreneurship student is a collaboration with George Washington University. Last spring, me and Jacob Hellke got to work together with engineers from GWU to create a commercialization strategy for their capstone project. Besides improving your skills within business development, participating in this collaboration will expand your network and improve your technical skillset. Hopefully, we will develop the collaboration even further this year and as Covid-19 slowly fades away we hope to offer what was intended from the beginning, to pitch the project at the Swedish Embassy in Washington.

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is truly the education for you who’s looking for a challenge. The courses will be different from what you’ve previously experienced, regardless of your educational background. So, to everyone who’s reading this and is considering to apply, especially to the CORP-track, DO IT!"

Page manager Published: Wed 03 Mar 2021.