Meet some of the women in science

Academia has no room for gender inequality. What we do have room for, however, is research and education. Not only today but all year round, women here contribute to making the world a bit better. And today, on the International Women's Day, we want to highlight some of them.
Research in forefront, esteemed awards, and government assignments. At Chalmers, the Department of Technology Management and Economics, hundreds of women contribute to the development of society with their research, teaching and studies. We have chosen to present the amazing work which some of them have conducted that we have presented in articles during the last year - dated back to March 8, 2017.
Maria Ljunggren Söderman, Researcher
Daniella Petersen, PhD Student
Anna Åberg, Assistant Professor
Monica Jurkeviciute, PhD Student
Sara Dahlin, PhD Student
Jane Webb, PhD Student
Sara Fallahi, Doctor
Pamela Nowell, PhD Student
Articles only available in Swedish
Cecilia Svennberg, student at Industrial Engineering and Management
Petra Apell,PhD Student
Sandra Roos, Doctor
Maria Landqvist, PhD Student
Helene Ahlborg, Researcher
Hilary Bradbury, Doctor

Lisa Carlgren, Researcher och Maria Elmquist, Head of Department and Professor
We also want to highlight the pioneer Vera Sandberg, who became Chalmers' - and Sweden's - first female engineer when graduating in 1917 
Vera Sandberg, Engineer

More good news - a selection of all achievements of our female researchers during the year

Kajsa Hulthén, co-author of the publication "Wroe Alderson, IMP and the evolution of theory" that won the award Outstanding Paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.
Ingrid Svensson and Pernilla Gluch won the Taylor and Francis award for best theoretically informed contribution with the publication "The role of objects for institutional work in energy efficient renovation"
Susanne Ollila is part of the extensive EU project, Iris, for environmentally friendly solutions - for example, within energy and sustainable transport.
Lisa Melander has been assigned a research grant from Familjen Knut & Ragnvi Jacobssons foundation.
She recieves the grant for green innovation in leading Swedish industrial companies.
Anna Bergek has been appointed by the government as a new member of the EUN (Energiutvecklingsnämnden) at the Swedish Energy Agency. EUN:s role is to decide how the government's energy research budget will be used to support research, development and innovation.
Maria Massaro has been awarded the Young Scholar Program Award from Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC).
Charlotta Kronblad was nominated as Legal Innovator of the Year during Swedish Legal Innovation Awards.
Henrikke Baumann, a first-generation researcher in life cycle analysis, has been a driving force in establishing the highly acclaimed research subject at Chalmers. She has now become Sweden's first professor in industrial and domestic ecologies.

Published: Thu 08 Mar 2018.