Learning through hands-on practice

​Meet Yuejun Sun, Intellectual Capital Management Track
​"Hi! My name is Yuejun Sun, and I am studying in my first year in the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. I am happy to share with you the enjoyable learning experience I have had during this fall.

Before applying for the Entrepreneurship and Business Design program, I was an electrical engineer who was interested in learning about the sustainable developing strategy of technology-based business. I indeed feel I have come to the right program. This program gives insights about creating, protecting, and developing technology-based innovation and start-ups.Furthermore, the ICM track is about learning methods and tools for evaluating and controlling intellectual assets in various contexts.

The hands-on practice we got was through the BCL project, which many of my classmates have already told. We got leading-edge technology to create our business idea, and we could adapt our learning directly into the project, which made it extra challenging. Through the process, we probed group collaboration, peer learning, business creation, and much more. For instance, as in the IPS (Intellectual Property Strategy) course, we learned and applied methods to design and control the intellectual assets in the business. The main toolsets were to combine Technology Innovation, Business Strategy and Intellectual Property Law as three main “Arenas”, and use “Degunkification” to breakdown and analyze the situation.

In the DTIM course (Design of Technological Innovations and Markets), we went more in-depth with our BCL project to the business level, by creating Technology-Economic Value Analysis, business model and future cashflows prediction. We learned to use the hypotheses to allocate the risks and uncertainties. Innovation and firm strategy were introduced in the case studies by analyzing real companies such as Google, Tesla and Apple. In the end, it got even more interesting when we practiced real negotiation with idea providers and venture capital investors.

Besides all, there is also a bonus because of all the talent classmates you will get! You will feel engaged, motivated and understood. Time flies when you never feel bored in the study! I am looking forward to the next semester already!"

Page manager Published: Fri 03 Jul 2020.