Learning by doing with real innovation projects

​Meet Sophia Smail, Intellectual Capital Management Track
"Hi! My name is Sophia Smail and I am currently in my second year at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Track. I’m going to share a little bit about the Applied ICM course, which all Chalmers ICM students take in the fall semester along with students from Sahlgrenska School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

For the Applied ICM course, we get to work on real innovation projects across a range of different settings. We started with the "Healthcare Inc." project, which focused on applying the design thinking methodology to several different challenges within the Swedish healthcare system. In the "Research Inc." project, each group was paired with a research project in order to evaluate their intellectual assets and develop possible ways to utilize the research going forward. We also had the chance to participate in a workshop for the "Difference Inc." project, which focused on social entrepreneurship at the Innovation and Business Centre in Biskopsgården.

We are now a couple weeks into the last project, "Venture Inc.", which brings together everything that we’ve learned up until now. Each team is paired with a venture and takes on the role of business developers. My team is currently working with a start-up at the AstraZeneca BioVenture Hub focused on imaging analysis for drug development and it’s been really interesting to learn about a new technology and all the potential that it has. Throughout our entire education, we have learned a lot of theory, but always with a practical focus in mind. Now with Venture Inc., we can apply the concepts we’ve learned as we work to help create value for real ventures. Learning by doing is at the heart of this education and Venture Inc. is one of the best examples of this!"

Page manager Published: Mon 16 Dec 2019.